Monday, August 27, 2007

no i havent fell off the planet!

pictures of why i've been quiet so long-our (impact centers) back to school event






we gave out 350 backpacks,gave free haircuts,clothing and brand new shoes. lots of families were indeed impacted! i LOvE seeing kids proud and confident for the first day of school!!

some newspaper coverage too


the line was sooo long and it was so HOT-our kiddos walked the line giving balloon animals and cold drinks



right after i went to atlanta on an amazing trip. more later on that!

Friday, August 3, 2007

new art


i love this robot! i wanna keep it...ahhhh but i listed it! actually i'm so in love with that little radio and when i found this head-oh man!! so the radio series has begun lets see where they go from here.

lately i've been working bigger. i love it!

this is 1ftX4ft. i have a whole bunch in this series i'll be showing.
i've been doing (this) live art worship.
which is absolutely adrenaline!


more new stuff here take a peek!!

off to orlando to do some shopping for the center.
we are doing a back to school outreach august 18th.
so i've been fundraising and promoting lika ya aint neva seen!
i've been trying to get companies to donate shoes
and you won't believe how HARD that actually is!
i've been asking local stores just to let me put in boxes
so their customers have the option of donating
and some won't even do that!
BAH but its good for your business!!
some have let us put in for school supplies so i'm thankful for that
but it AINT those large chain stores ya know *wink*

we're giving away school supplies,brand new shoes
eye exams, and clothing.
lotsa work but oh so rewarding!
we help almost 1000 kids!!!
i'm JUST
public school starts august 20th already!