Wednesday, March 28, 2012


los of time spent in the colorful art trailer 
love the old but new to me!

I love Siano's artwork!!

New PLACE with 5 acres!!

            Shannon taking her "mission" so seriously~

due to ridiculous rescheduling and an issue of lost keys to the truck, we went this route!
  2 box springs
2 small cars
4 gals=Box spring mission!

                                         chasity & i mission accomplished on our vechile! (being pro's and all)
       then we were hijacked by the ever cautious shannon who didn't trust our rez car
          (we rolled our eyes, and shook our head and took pictures while the others made us wait!!)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Let the GREENS go in! 
I love green smoothies!
I have so much energy
and my body feels GOOD!

        its Spring and I've been loving the beautiful weather!
I love being outside!

My sweet son (in blue below)always brings me flowers
when he comes back from a walk
There are so many blooms!
The most beautiful are the trees.
This one I get to walk out my back porch and it instantly 
makes my day brighter!

                                                                     I tried a few times to 
 capture this most amazing tree on my neighbors
ranch...but not lucky  catching a good photo
so I'll share it with you...
when I get a good one

My oldest son finally graced my camera with his face and not his hand!

HE even posed AGAIN after I shaved their heads (at their request) 

My oldest likes no hair and my youngest well
the photo says it all~
he's all about dramatic effect
His hair design is pretty sweet--& it goes all the way behind the back of his head
and to the other side of his ear-
It was my first time doing so much lines
not too bad eh?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

What my very busy week looked like:

this is how Siano helps his mama cut some realllllllly tear inducing red onions before
our party
which was a slight amendment to this awesome collard green recipe

this is what the EMPTY bag of Navajo Frybread looked like:
    yah about that=even though I put 2 aside for myself for later
                                                            _as I was unable to eat till midnight_
                                 {I didn't get ANY  thanks to a devious frybread stealer!)

                                I won't mention any names, but the thief IS in the photo below!

My week was FULL of
music filled joyful days!

                                                                                      (My son's new ukulele!)

                                      which helped because I'm carrying something HEAVY

                                                         as  I'm deep in creative mode
                                                                                for an
                                    An intense ART SHOW on March 23rd (More on that later!)

When my week slowed down........and since I was deprived of frybread earlier in the week
                    ....................................Siano made homemade Roti for the first time

thanks to Manjulas Kitchen

well it began with him
 {I ended  up finishing}

ALTHOUGH I should have watched the video first (DOH!)
it would have been much easier for Siano to knead
BUT it came out well (just thick!) 
and then I devoured it as it was smothered in avocado 
hot sauce, pinto beans and pepper jack cheese chunks!

                                         If you want to try to make Roti, watch Manjula's video!

                                     I made mine with wheat flour--It'll be a new weekly staple!

The days and nights were especially beautiful this week!

And a new one begins full of the ART & the WORD