Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sigur Rós

if you haven't seen Sigur Rós--heima
on sundance channel get up and go watch it now-seriously move it!!
their music is

majestic.pure.raw.unadulterated beauty...

just as much so as their beloved Iceland.

their untitled #1 song, (its a live recording so wait for it-its not the first 10+ secs sounds)
moved me incredibly
to sobbing,
the. first. song. to. ever
it felt like touching God

Monday, July 21, 2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mosaic Table WIP


sneak peek at a table work in progress and YAY i'm using up stash!

i've been ever effective at using ONLY what i have lately....AND so content in not replacing! although the trash continues to i can't help but pick an AMAZING score.

i even have a friend --who i've completely turned onto "pickin" (which is what my son calls it) today she gave me a marble counter top she scored!

cafe and art


here's a peek at the cafe and some of the art i've been working on. if you don't know about the cafe scroll down.

the mask is a mold of my sons face. he loves doing them!
my sons face

i love this stick-well actually all the wall!




in its element


there are a few close ups on flickr

i love this doll head


click photo for full view pics.

set 1

AND one of the reasons we do what we do. my pretty girl is getting healthy and will be going home (Haiti) soon. bittersweet --*sigh* my heart already aches.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

recycled bottle garden pathway

i finished (at least i think) this section of the yard. well still have to paint fence but its been very hot and also rainy so using that as a excuse to avoid it.

thanks to a super cool freecycler you will see my new edging! i thought i was gonna pick up just a bag or two but there were five to my delight!! i had just said hey i need something cool,free and recycled to outline the edges last week and SO here it is. they are baby food jars. my soil is sand, so they were super easy to push in. the kiddos towards the end of prepping them helped open the lids and peel off the labels. my hand was getting sore!


i haven't weeded=obviously.

baby jar edging

recycled pathway

the walkway is made out of recycled bottles-i put a bit of watered down paint in the clear bottles and let them dry in the sun before i stuck them underground. i didn't get a close up-sorry. these bottles needed to be a bit larger for more stability since we walk there. i also used paint lids, hubcaps, and coffe cups. it took a bit of work to dig down far enough-although my youngest son did alot of it-he loves to dig.


my big dog kept digging in this section by the tree so i tried to fill it with things to keep her out. lets see if it works!


i forgot the english name of this plant-we eat the roots-its like a sweet potato.


this is what i reworked the other day. another freecycler gave me some mother tongues and the spider plants. it still needs less weeds and more plants.


i uncluttered here and added a few hibiscus.

the whole view

here's the full view of the song quote-it used to have alot of saw blades, frames and other bits-they've fell off and i'm too lazy to redo it. i still need to rework the stuff in front of fence.

thats good for today-its still hot at 7! i'm off to make something yummy for dinner.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Art with a purpose




i made these a few months ago. i was hoping i would be "detached" from them now cause i should actually SELL them. i've been cranking out massive art the last few months which is why i've been so quiet here... although most of it is for the CAFE, there is quite a bit i've kept! so these i made them originally for the cafe.... of which i haven't mentioned here! i've been working for it... for oh my almost a year!! my good friend had the vision and then brought me in on it. i am so very passionate for their cause. its a non profit,ALL monies go for funding Air Mobile which is a disaster relief org that delivers amazing (and solar) water purifiers to those who desperately need it! Each mission, each Voyager (the purifier) requires the green, the team volunteers their time and even more so their own money!! Their PASSION will infect you. we are never short of disasters or passion, but quite often the green limits us, so we've been busy about finding a way to support our cause (hence the cafe).

Currently they will be heading out in the next week or so for their second trip to Myanmar where the disastrous Cyclone Nargis will likely claim more deaths than the 2004 Tsunami. In which Air Mobile was also there, leaving their mind and spirit scarred by death and devastation. You will find it has only fueled their already abundant passion for helping the helpless.

Above is one of the team members Joe Prussel working with local monks. Below is a heartwrenching photo of the reality of what we take for granted.

So you see that ART does make a difference. Our cafe also has an art & gift gallery, as well as offer a variety of classes. I'm the community advocate and creative director. We are using ART to build our community too for it is full of disaster and devastation as well. From the community to the nations Elevations International Cafe is about serving a thirsty world (and not just about coffee). So yes these dolls will have to move on-they have purpose besides making me feel good. Sometimes, my selfishness gets a big kick in the pants. ITS SO NOT ABOUT ME. We are busy about changing our world, through art and relationships, and one good cup of java.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

the funkilicious garden


the modern day scarecrow. everyone should have one.
they even scare away noisy neighbors!!


my mom was here from april-june 1st. i was working in the backyard-she wouldn't come out much cause it was too hot but
she actually was inspired to make chimes inside LOL. i added the freakiness. it sounds awesome!!

moms chime

i'm still working on finishing painting the fence as well as planting no dig gardens in all our dead grass spaces. eventually i'd like it to take over the yards! so until we hit the road we can be self sustaining and enjoy delish veggies!



my BULB garden

i have some more plants to put in this corner well i will in just a few minutes.

garden junk

i have so many works in progress as you can see from the picture below..the fence is half done...i've also started a recycled bottle/cup walkway.....not to mention the various garden spaces that need actually plants!!! i've had to remove some stuff that ruined from the elements and some that i go WHAT was i thinking much to do....i've been working on it already for many months! i'm just doing a little at a time. its been rainy for the last week and i'm ready to get back to work out there!


i really love this totem section---although i'm not completely happy with that end of the yard yet....i'm getting there. actually if you click you'll see how its changed over the year...the tree btw has lost its tutu.....and i never finished the whole fence!!! ok nufff i should just go there now!!

bits of garden

above a new yellow hibiscus

this makes me happy

and this was my mothers day present that makes me smile every time i see it.

CHECK me for people


i'm putting laundry in the dryer and start CRACKING up!!!
my 13 yr old son wrote this.
it is a well known hiding spot
-we've discussed it before with my 9 yr old & friends that
its NOT the greatest one and how kids have been hurt from this.
i could panic, i suppose
if you know my sons
really this is the least of my worries!!!!

so i mention it to oldest and he says
"well EVERY one hides in there and we always forget to check it-NOW no one will"

ahhhh i nod & smile raise a free thinking child.
totally different perspective.