Thursday, February 26, 2009


i'm sorry for the late drawing.....i seriously lost track of my days as i was buried in adoption paperwork frustration!!

ANYHOW _the tiny jewel box_ email me your address she said she was yours darlin!!

foundthingsart AT yahoo with a dot and a com

Sunday, February 22, 2009

the grown up coloring book or if you must a ZINE

the grown up coloring book

use it as a glue book

i've finally come clean....i've been wanting a grown up coloring book for quite awhile. i decided i should share the love. you could call it a 20 page zine but its for colorin' darlin! you can use it as a pocket journal, gluebook or shoot just color outside the lines baby! the cover is a nice cardstock. inside paper's vary as i'm using a variety of recycled papers for FUNNESS. yes its a word!!

this one is different and its only available on my etsy


Dieunika painted the cover!

Friday, February 20, 2009

and now a giveaway!

tie purse giveaway!

this funky lil purse wants to be YOURS! yes she told me herself! so comment here and i'll draw out a name on Monday!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

and the WINNER IS.........

thank you so much to those who donated! i'm super happy to announce that this fabulously creative jewelry maker and sweet lovin mama won!!


here's a BIG KISS from us to you for those who donated, and be watching your mailbox for a surprise too!!

i've been having a fabulous time in the studio lately and not able to fully complete things because my mind is overflowing with ideas see, and they just wants to run ahead all wild and crazy! its a good & kinda overwhelming too i tell ya!

also seeing that i really need to CLEAN the studio is distracting me. that is NOT normal, believe me i could create in an avalanche! ANYHOW to avoid really cleaning and because I LOVE to be a giver too...i'll be GIVING some art away next (and trying to finish the video i started)!!

OH and i just have to has been beauitful outside lately. A few weeks back it very cold for us Floridians, so cold in fact that alot of my plants and garden DIED. my eggplants, hot red peppers, tomato's and even some sweet potato's. it was a SAD day really. to MY delight there is still some GREEN in the gardens though! i can't wait to enjoy these babies!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009


remember the doll named love? well she inspired me to write her story, my daughters stories and more! you'll be seeing lots of her soon in a whole nother way! she's becoming a series of kids books and more! here is what she looks like in character hand drawn on a kids white T! all this loot picture below is included for a raffle for adoption fundraising-YES including the T-shirt. donate any amount you'd like to win! i'll be drawing the winner next week!

shirt for raffle adoption fundraising

be love t-shirt

kids t-shirt 95% cotton 5% spandex
size 6X white....great to dye or leave it as it is!
the loot also includes:
a mixed media gothie on recycled wood piece
(large piece in back)
small coin purse/or cell phone holder crocheted by my lil hands
handmade peppermint soap by this cutie
a funky cool skull felt pin!
a cute lil stuffed plushie art doll
a mini print fabric art plush (featuring my original tribal dolls)
an original drawing/paper doll on a card
a mixed media doll-has a magnet on back, can go on fridge

more loot

the loot
so there's an awesome lot of LOOT for your artistic pleasure, gifts or you can even use some of it for your own adoption fundraising! for close up's click the picture!

adoption art raffle


the cheesiest

Monday, February 9, 2009

reach for bleach


wanna feel bleachy clean?? heck NO don't do the laundry!! have fun with some boring ol clothes!

the new Altered Couture has my article on pages 118-120 plus many other fab artwork! go check it out man!

Friday, February 6, 2009

NOT your ordinary valentine!

be MY freak valentine

STILL TIME to get an embellished individual print of my original drawings featuring "my purdy lil freaks" $3 (with shipping) OR a set 6 of cards- these pictured are mini sized aprrox 3x4 $6 -each has handmade/recycled envies inside reads "be MY freak"

available on or comment!