Sunday, June 7, 2009

owls and phones

i was organizing my old flickr photo's and found a photo of the studio wall with the phone collage i was talking about in my last post. not a great photo of it but you can see

if you look reallll close
its the 5X7 white canvas

love this wall!

also you see these FABULOUS 70's owls i found years ago. they were the inspiration for the wall.
years ago i was sorting and selling a ladies estate that had passed away and she had her lifetime collection of owls. oh man how i wished i could have had them all!

here's my owl wish list!

these fabulous earrings

this awesome shirt

these adorable cuties

this amazing pendant

there are so many cool owl pendants its so hard to pick just one!

and i love these fabrics pouches!

and actually so many cute owl things that i could go on & on!

ok i better stop before my greed overcomes me!

shoot (or hoot!) i'm inspired now...i'm gonna go draw some owls!