Monday, December 31, 2007


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(i've been meaning to post these but totally got distracted by recent doll making!!)

don't forget to GET calendars for the NEW YEaR!!!

this one is an original drawing paper art doll 3X8.5 inches
the arms hold the months and you just whip it out at the end of month! at the end of the year you still have a original piece of art and can put in new year if you like or just frame it!
$25 available

if you just want a print/copy version $12 with S&H

other print designs available of any previous dolls i've made or wait for more variations coming soon-even fabric!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

funky girl
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i've been working on scrappyLICIOUS dolls.

i just can't get enough of fabric and yarn.
i'm TRYING sooooo hard NOT to go to orlando tomorrow or this week
there is a fabric/craft store closing and i know i could score more crap.
but DO i need more crap?? NO
AM I EVER so tempted ----> YESSSSSSS
i've BEEN so gooooood lately, can i make it. YES i can. i hope.

i have been using up soooo much stufff just to prove to K that yes
i WILL use the stuff!!!
i've been on a creative binge for the last week(s) or so staying up till 6 a.m.
just cuz i want to finish the project....i actually DO then i start another
and the days turn into well ...weeks.....i'm so enjoying not having a "real" job that i have to get up and out toooooo..
although that probably won't last too much longer-the position i'll be taking will soon be ready to roll-just waiting upon permits and things.

scrap dolls

until then i'm trying to get enough inventory to take into a local flower shop-so my schtuff has to be marketed for a different clientel. although at first i was resenting having to "soften" it again! - last week i designed a logo (which is NOT my thang really) and i had to meet with them several times cuz i was dreading it--> so i procrastinated and totally pushed the deadline. THEN my work had toooo hard an edge (DUH) not to mention i was already sleep deprived and not inspired so i had this whole angst going on!! LOL i DID end up getting out something they liked- i even liked my drawing it was still cool- even though they redid all the fonts stuff though. i did this pro bono (for a good cause) but helped me remember sometimes ya just got to do what pays the bills ya know and i don't get creative freedom with that!! i'm used to soooo much freedom AND anyhow back to the dolls WELL........i really like the ones i've made so far-i want to keep them!! i keep telling myself i can make more!! i'm really appreciating working in a more "primative" style for dolls. i do love rag dolls. remember the one i posted not too long ago....still love that one so the above i attempted my version. i have a few more photos on my flickr -so click-er!! heh

big girls

these are aout 4 ft long. i debated about embellishing the longer ones more but decided not too. i have about 5 more on the sewing table that will probably be more decorative. well now off to finish some heads.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

a recent discussion of artist studios and how the REAL working ones look like lead to me showing my disgusting yet creative mess.
this is my indoor studio which is at the back of the house. it has a nice curved archway to enter and this is the first thing ya see

inside studio

its where i do all things fabric and journal/paper stuffs. so to the right you see this

corner of the inside studio

the lamp assemblage is a journal'd piece of my dad-some of his things from his shop and photos from his property. love love love.

i couldn't get the whole wall in so here is bits of it-this what i look up and view from the PC

touching God in the everyday things

the green hanger assemblage is a cool one with another photo of my dads workshop that i soooooo love. he bought a new house this year ( a beautiful 7000 sq ft log cabin on 28 acres!!) and this is on his other property an hour away. i wish i could move it here or live in it. i seriously love every crickety inch of it.

rusty stuff

its pretty dark in here so even though the colors (pics) show intensity its actually quite soft and inviting in here....well the fire helps-which lately has been keeping me quite toasty! too bad i hate marshmellows. well just more for the kiddos.

grannys glasses

i have alot of my family in here....this is my great grandmothers glasses-that i can't ever remember her not in--- and other stuff i picked up from her house when she passed. i don't know what game that card is from but i thought it was so cool.

the cool b&w photos are from janey garnet. we meet in portland maybe 4 or 5 years ago in our own little art becky christians house. it was erika tysse,tracy roos, and sandie. it was super fun and she gave us each some of her photos-i absolutely love them. i didnt show the corner above here which has one of a gal sitting on a a fairy costume i think...anyhow so cool. she sells her stuff on etsy.

ok now here is the worst and its actually the "cleaner" version.....ehhhh can't believe i'm showing you!!

the fabric corner

this is just one side of the studio tooo.....cuz well the other i've been organizing fabrics piles so ya really just don't wanna see that just yet!!
i've got lots of bags of discarded clothes from the impact center (which i am no longer doing anymore-don't know if i blogged that!) that i haven't ever put away
and last month i scored a bunch of fabric at the thrift store that i errrr never put away either.
so now i'm discplining myself to put the dern stuff away and well in between taking breaks finishing and starting new projects!!

there are quite a few close-ups on my flickr of other things so go take a peek if you have the time! i have more photos to show but man those took forever to edit (my program is being wonky!) and my wrist really hurts from staying on here toooo long.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

the joy of a REAL TREE, yes i know its technically dead

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this bring me such great JOY.
i''m soooo serious.
my heart is SO incredibly happy every time i walk by it!!

i was inspired at the dollar store one day
i found this natural colored feather covered styrofoam ball ornament
i had been wondering what sort of "style" i wanted on my white christmas tree
this year....last year i went with all aquas & polka dots on it
its the tree in the living room and our living room has alot
of very important pieces of polynesian art and culture
so despite the aqua walls everything else in color is brown and "very natural" in my eclectic way
its the one room in the house that K truly loves
as its filled with "his" home!
ANYHOW the white tree has to flow with the room ya know
i was sooo lacking inspiration in putting it up
TILL i found the feather ornament!!
oooooooo i drooled
i didn't buy it but thought
i would make some with the kids
with what i have at home!!
i'm on a use what i have kick
so i thought hey i want a NATURE inspired theme
well so i asked hubby after a great frustrating search in the garage
long story short the TREE is gone!!
i have a faint memory of him trying to throw it away
while cleaning my other studio (aka garage) one day
i remember now i caught him in the act!! OH the betrayal!!
yes i do know HE did-even though he swears he didnt!!
trying not to POUT (santas coming ya know!!)
i thought oh well i score another one at a thrift store or something
i mean its not like we dont already have 3 in the house.
the boys in their rooms and i have a 4 ft pink one in the kitchen
well i couldn't find one at the thrift stores
and thought shoot maybe i'll just skip it.........
but it didn't FEEL right
as untraditional as i think i am
i REALLY need the tree dagNAb it!!

sooooooooooooo i said "babe i NEED a tree"


honestly i don't really put much presents under it
k & i don't buy for each other
& most of our family live out of state
and i really don't buy gifts
for many people-obviously i make them!!
so they usually sit in the studio till last minute
i don't put my kiddos presents out until christmas eve
and then they get opened right away
SO WHY do i NEED A tree....
i dunno i just DO.

after dinner friday night we wandered into the mall
well what we call one round here...anyhow
i hadn't been into a "real" store in awhile
i don't shop tooo much
seriously i shop at the thrift store
-a few times a month i'll run to the dollar store
and groceries i buy from an organic co-op
or have K buy from his work
its a great way to be control spending!
so when i hadn't been around all the "mass" christmas
man i forgot that CHRISTMAS is almost!!
so among all the isles of decor
i was again inspired!!
i decided i need to go home and make my tree!!
K & the kids say just buy one-
well WHATS the FUN in that!!
*insert family sigh*
they know too well i breath recycled.

i've been wanting to do some bottle trees in the yard
never have gotten to it yet
so i thought I WANT ONE INSIDE!!
oh yes my ideas usually come with a price
*for my husband espcially* haha read on
knowing full on i couldn't just find an recycled
christmas tree just yet
last night
i went out to the studio
to see what i could come up with
i found a black cd holder floor lamp
so i started with that
ooooo an assemblage tree yeah!
started will go in the front room
but i really want this natural tree


i looked through all the wood
thought "man i'd really have to put more work into building a base
than i want" (insert where my husband gets to work out my large scale ideas)
ooooo a TREE i want a REAL LIVE (but dead) TREE TRUNK.
DANG i'll have to wait till tomorrow!!

K & i headed to the mulching/recycling center
to my SWEET delight there was a massive SCORE!!
i found 2 perfectly cut trunks that are now in my front yard
as seats!! AND
i scored this natural beauty that you see here.
it was top heavy and not flat at the bottom
but i LOVE it so much my dh loads it up
(and another large one for outside)
he even gets out the machete and flattens the bottom
its still top heavy so i decide to use the concrete blocks
i really like the idea of the two extremes
so the kiddos are anxiously awaiting putting the large nails in
while we put it "together" in the corner
it wasn't quite balanced and having BOYS
it must be as its in the living room!
so we had broken bits of concrete
i had a whole load of cheap glass,single vases,
and clear votive candle holders
someone had given as garage sale leftovers

bottles and rust

i had planned to freecycle them
but OH so glad i didn't!!
i also remembered there was some odd colored candles
i picked up somewhere
OOOO i'm getting so excited i just can't stand it!!

i rummaged the studio for my rusty stuffs


and found a few other cool bits and well

you have my very FAVORITE christmas tree EVER!!!

i really didn't have enough bottles to fill in the mid section-so its still a WIP.

Friday, December 14, 2007

white angel

white angel
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we scored at the thrift store today
we found a 6 foot white lighted (wire) tree
for outside for $1!!
i didn't take a photo of it...but while
my son was putting it up
i noticed how my white angel
fit into the "holiday" decor

she's about 2-3 foot tall
i didn't originally like her...
i had created her for a speaking event
last year
it was about having your heart
focused on God
(thus the tied on heart)
when you allow him to define you
you dont care
what others think of you
WELL wish i could say that for her
i ended up sticking her in the yard
(where all my rejects go)
cuz she wasn't what i had in mind.
she's grown on me.....
they all do eventually when they are weathered
and she keeps judgemental people away from my front door!!
i wonder what they think we they ring the bell
and then look around..... heh

....she might be odd but her heart seeks GOD!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

what is christmas like for you?

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i was going to show you my pretty pink tree
that resides in my kitchen.....
well that was before my very anal
issue with photographs and small lil
"clutter" in the backgrouds kicked in.
i relate that to my families terrible
photo taking skills.
my mom has to seriously be the worst
at taking photographs!
when i look at old christmas photographs
i cringe!! although i do appreciate the little
bit of what we have because when i was a teenager
we had a house fire and lost the majority
of our visual memories.
ahhhh anyhow i'm not looking
for high quality photography from her
just something that doesn't have a
that competes with the focal point!
(or fingers on the edge ya know)
now most probably wouldn't notice it if i posted.
......but its very slight details that OCD me!!
acccck i wish i could just let it be.

i have come along way from taking bad
photographs myself.
i know i don't have great photography skills either
but i try to at least get it decent.

anyhow this corner of the tree is purdy.
i obviously liked it enough to use it for my etsy shop.
so sorry for the spam. hehe
when i get a full photograph i like. i'll show ya!
i will have another tree in the living room
still awaiting to be put up actually-
i finally just figured out what i wanted to do with it!!
i try to do something different each year.
this year i was lacking inspiration
till i found this feather covered ball thingie
at the dollar store.......ooooo inspiration hit!!
so we'll see where it goes.
my kiddos each have a large tree in their room
so they can freely decorate it how they want.
i remember my grandma letting me decorate hers
but it was always the SAME 'ol stuff
and i wanted "new"stuff and less tinsel
and white lights
of course now i appreciate that it was all
handmade ornaments that the kids/grandkids had made
and they were special to HER!
so after years of buying lots of NEW ornaments
just for the sake of having "my own" when i had my own place
truely they weren't all that special when i think back now!!
i finally did come to make a few handmade but nothing REALLY cool that i remember or still have
that is until the last five years.
i've tried like heck all week to get my kids to make ornaments
with me!! BUT NO they said they just want lights, so i sighed
and said OK (no guilt intended its their tree!)
i really just wanted to hang out with them and make stuff
i'm off to sit with k while he watches
the tube as he's been working alot this week
and he just came home from sea world
he's learning a bunch of new numbers
as he'll be dancing for a the actual show weekly
(he's always just helped out with side shows-ya make more $$)
anyways so he's tired and veggin
and i just wanna hang with him
so out comes my hook and i'm happily flying
to my delight i hear
the dremel going in the living room!!!
could this be???
yes it could!!
two young boys
giggling and drilling
little holes
in old toys
that will become
ornaments in their trees!
i smile and wander in to see
a big red bin
my youngest drilling
and laughing so hard as he
puts a million holes in his
teck deck dudes!!
and his older brother laughing
and giving him
other slightly strange ideas.
aaaahhhh holiday memories!!

i'll show ya those photos tomorrow
i have to be up in just a few hours
to drop off the youngest for practice
for the big Christmas musical
which is already this Sunday!

hey its beginning to look a lot like christmas
even if its still warm and sunny!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

MEGA SALE for ecoFriendly ART & FASHION!!

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