Thursday, December 25, 2008


I just came back from Haiti on Saturday and brought the best Christmas present back with me!! SHE'S HOME!!

kiss daddy




WE all JUST can't get enough of her....especially DADDY! we have to remind him..SHE's HOME NOW and don't make her ROTTEN! LOL if you'd like to read more details of her story i'm slowly chronicling the whole thing here on her blog

Monday, December 8, 2008

my birssday present and thoughts

my birssday present

got it over a week ago and its SO lookin purdy! i've been wanting it for a few years...always putting it off cause off the spending on myself thing is hard to do ya know! i knew once i did it i would want another one right away! i've actually been working on one for my other hand for awhile but don't have it quite figured out design wise, so i got the sun and moon because it goes with the one i'm working on. in the meantime i was inspired by a mendhi flower i recently seen so i've drawn something pretty to wrap around my pinky and then go up the side by the moon and up on my top part of my arm....i'll get that transfered but not sure when i'll actually get it. i of course don't want anything for christmas except for my girls to come home!!! i just can't justify any xtra spending till their home! that won't stop me from designing it though. i usually forgo any presents for birthdays/christmas anyhow cause i just don't want a whole lot for myself...i'm just so blessed and content with what i have! my husband still can't stand NOT getting me anything, its taken many years to get him to understand i completely LOVE things found. REALLY. he'll totally do that...but then STILL insist on what i WANT besides that. i repeatedly say, i want things that you just can't buy. he'll smile usually but on occasion just sigh. i'm thankful he really does get it, i'm sure its so hard to be my husband!! he does try so hard, and sometimes it drives him crazy, yet its a good thing to be loved so!

today i get dieunika's paperwork in order and all set to go next week to Haiti. i wanted to go this week, but just don't think we can get everything we need done paperwork wise, not to mention outrageous fairs!! We have another fundraiser this Sat. Our uncle's polynesian dance group will be performing a full luau dinner show. $20 gets you in!! I'll be posting the flyer later. If your local and want to come drop me a line!

And so another day to be thankful

Last nights event was so awesome! A HUUUUGE Thank YOU to the Selah Venue,Nick & Stephanie, the Reed Family, all the bands who played,the Warriors and Fire Dancers, Tom Clark, Kathy and Mari, Maria & Gloria, Jordan and everyone who generously gave!! Thank You for being apart of our journey!! We are so very grateful, there just aren't enough words.

I've started a seperate blog

Going back and getting more into details, for those who wanna know.

Much Alofa from the heart of my family!

Friday, November 28, 2008

artist extreme fundraiser

artist extreme adoption fundraiser

i'm working to get some new art up after i finish this next weekend. if you live close by come on out and see us!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

chosen: where one becomes two

you can't go into an orphanage and come back the same. truly you can't. the first time i went was only for a few days. we had no real time to spend with the kids as we were in and out,then in and out again, focused on our purpose. it had already been an emotional journey due to the circumstance of our visit, yet to not see each and every pair of eyes searching for my attention was impossible! despite their situations, their eyes showed no trace of saddness! how could i not be moved by what i saw. babies,toddlers,tweens oh my! eyes wide and smiles big!! some in waiting for paperwork to process, some waiting to be chosen.

that word
makes tears flow.


they have to be chosen!
i can't fathom it-
here is where i choke up.
here is where my tears can not be contained.

to be chosen.....

my little one chose me.
i did not seek her.
i have no words adequate or elegant enough to explain.


mommy i pick you flowers

i wonder if i could have enough tears to cry for every child that hasn't been chosen yet.
surely every night i spent there, i cried a thousand tears as
i was going to sleep with my little one
and she with her mommy.

i am not an orphan. she is not an orphan.

could you, would you,
do you know how it feels to be chosen?

waiting from birth to be
fed,loved and adored or
worse yet your parents
love you,
your dad dies while your mom
is pregnant
when she delivers she & baby are very ill
she barely walks into the village
trying to get her baby taken to the hospital
to be met by someone who sees the mother
herself is at deaths door
doctor says she won't live
amazingly she does!!
unfortunately she can't afford to feed herself
let alone her children
the new baby she loves is given up for adoption
the two older children come and go with her
for years being feed at the orphanage
sometimes your just dropped off
and left at the orphanage-
not just once
not just twice
enough times for you
to know it won't be the last
and such is the life of


this bright faced, sweet, hard working 12 yr old girl sees loving families
come in and out of the orphanage
chosing babies
the very babies and toddlers
that she looks after,
carrying water buckets,
washing their clothes by hand
feeding and changing them,
loving and playing with them!

on my first visit my friend had asked
her to look out for dieunika while we were gone.
with a big smile she agreed! she was important!!
the day before we were to go, in conversation
i joked to barbara my youngest son said he didn't want a younger
sister, he wanted an older one or one his age so he could play with her.
really he still wanted his "baby position". LOL
she casually mentioned well johanne is his age.
really, i thought her mother lived in the village with her.
hmm i hadn't thought seriously on it.
i would have to talk
to kerry and the boys.
so i did.
and i prayed,
and i thought could we possibly
get approved, get grants for two?
i thought one was going to be a challenge
i'm believing for the impossible!
its a very big commitment, but impossible
i don't think so!!!

the second visit to the orphanage
i brought a beautiful dress for johanne
and brought the others little gifts,shoes,clothes and formula.
the first day she and another girl her age asked to sleep
in the room with us. i said sure!
that night we each in a bed and
the lights out,
i hear
her praying.
tears begin slipping
down my face
and i cry out to
my heart cries
for every prayer
she's every prayed
for every day
that she's gone without
for all the loss
and pain that her young
life has experienced
as i cried
and cried
not nearly enough tears
to cover her pain
i knew she has a future!!
so i ask God to give me the honor
to share her tomorrows.

she is chosen....
but she doesn't know it yet!!
i have to wait to tell her.
wait. yes wait. she has to go
on knowing she's not chosen.
we have begun the paperwork
and now have to

and so here our journey
as adoption parents

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

hello haiti, here i come again

i'm sure you've seen enough of the devastation photo's of haiti, so i thought i'd capture what's left of its natural beauty.



i'll be returning in a few days. i'm praying and expecting a medical visa AND good news of my adorable little one's coming home with me!! please pray specifically with me that she'll return home fast and safe. it would be incredible if she could fly home with me. i can't wait to see her cute little face and hear her laughter!!


Friday, October 24, 2008

my little girl!!!!

beautiful people

i have been quiet and scant i know. i just returned from haiti a few days ago. a very long and emotional story short dieunika is going to officially be our little girl!!! these beautiful people who reallllllly love her are doing an amazingly selfless thing by allowing their beloved daughter the freedom out of haiti.

my little girl!!!

as you know if you've been reading she has medical issues and her papa explained they did all they could to take care of her and she almost died. they did the absolute best they could and without them she wouldn't have gotten this far. she is much better now after the surgeries although she does still have a few medical issues. the father before he left put my hand in his and then his daughters and said "she is in your hands now". i choked back tears as we walked them out of the village. i told them i would never let her forget them and i won't. i can't imagine the sacrifice, my heart cries for them.

unfortunately we had to leave her in my friends orphanage until we can get her medical visa. my mind can not rest, nor my heart not ache. i know she is safe in my friends village. you can get a quick peek of it here.

she is having a hard time being in the village though. she won't really let anyone take care of her. although last i knew she did bond with one of the ladies in the village. i am going back in a week or so. it feels like forever. i miss her laughter!


all of this is a "suddenly". we weren't prepared for this SO we now have alot of fundraising to do!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Come Hang with us!!

art cafe NOW OPEN!!!

If your local come by and see us tonight for live music,cool people and helping a great cause! We're family friendly and even have board games you can play together. If you need some quiet space to work or hang we offer that and Free WIFI too. Click photo for close up and directions!

Our Grand opening activities starts next week!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


these two amazing women played at the cafe last night and totalllllllly rocked!!
i can't get enough of their music!!

i don't have pics yet

a girl,her guitar,her friend and a drum
....pure, raw,original, beautiful, music at its finest.
you can listen to amyO here
and terrell her music isn't on there though she's one hot mama to look at!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

dieunika's recovery

dieunikarecovering by you.

after a rough few days my beautiful Dieunika is fully recovering! here she is sitting up only 2 days after surgery on her stomach! if your not aware of her story she came from haiti about 6 mths ago after one of our team members while delivering water purifiers of air mobile became aware of her need. she was born without an properly formed anus therefore her body (had naturally) formed a colostomy, (bile came right out a hole in her stomach). her first surgery reconstructed the anus, this surgery reconnected all the insides and close the hole! yesterday was the first time she ever felt a fart or poo!! something one wouldn't normally be excited about! BUT WE ARE!! she was especially excited because she was able to remove the tube from her nose and EAT!!! yesterday the first thing she told me when she woke up was I WANT TO EAT! *cringe* luckily later in the day she was able too! her body is functioning and on the road to recovery! she may even come home from the hospital today! as soon as she's all healed up we'll be returning her to her loving family who are anxiously awaiting her return!

she is truly an amazing just turned 3 year old! (she was born on my oldest birthday too!) very early friday morning (1 a.m.) she was awakened by the nurse and couldn't go back to sleep. i was getting sleepy and laying next to her. she kept playing with me and saying "wake up -wake up my friend "and laughing!  course i couldn't sleep then! so we played. its such a cute story why she calls us her friend (alot). i have to share it. cindy, aka my compassionate world changing friend and partner (aka the other half of (airmobile) joe) is her main guardian. she has children and her kiddos of course call her mom and so Dieunika started to call her that as well. (and would echo that when with me as well)  of course she (we) don't want her to forget her mom and family so she (we) reminded her quite abit about her mom, her house and how she will be going home once she is better. so cindy explained i'm your friend, not your mom. then asked her are you my friend? nods of course! so now quite often she will ask "are you my friend?" to us. yep then we remind her of home and how much we love her!  we both say to her "we love being your friend!" so when i was really tired and our playing was ceasing, i laid my head down, she looked at me sweetly and asked "are you ok my friend?".  (i had been asking her that all day!) 

i said "yes, are you?"
 "yep" she says
a moment of silence
"what are you doing my friend?" she says
"i'm going to sleep ok?"
she nods
another moment of silence
"are you ok my friend?"
i nod and ask "are you?"
she nods and reaches over to hold my hand.
i tell her she is so brave. (she has no clue!)
this sweet talk questioning happens a few more times.
then she says "no talkin go to sleep!"
i giggle and say "ok!"
more silence.
then she says softly "what are you doing, my friend?"
i giggle and say "i thought there was no talkin!!"
she smiles a big toothless smile (she had rotten front teeth pulled a few months ago)!
i went to sleep with her caressing my face and holding my hand.
oooooh sweet baby love!!!! *insert heart swell*

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Doing it afraid

my sons first public performance last friday.
he was so nervous, but he rocked it.
he was so elated afterward!
he said, "i was afraid, but i did it anyway"
*sigh* very proud mama moment!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sigur Rós

if you haven't seen Sigur Rós--heima
on sundance channel get up and go watch it now-seriously move it!!
their music is

majestic.pure.raw.unadulterated beauty...

just as much so as their beloved Iceland.

their untitled #1 song, (its a live recording so wait for it-its not the first 10+ secs sounds)
moved me incredibly
to sobbing,
the. first. song. to. ever
it felt like touching God

Monday, July 21, 2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mosaic Table WIP


sneak peek at a table work in progress and YAY i'm using up stash!

i've been ever effective at using ONLY what i have lately....AND so content in not replacing! although the trash continues to i can't help but pick an AMAZING score.

i even have a friend --who i've completely turned onto "pickin" (which is what my son calls it) today she gave me a marble counter top she scored!

cafe and art


here's a peek at the cafe and some of the art i've been working on. if you don't know about the cafe scroll down.

the mask is a mold of my sons face. he loves doing them!
my sons face

i love this stick-well actually all the wall!




in its element


there are a few close ups on flickr

i love this doll head


click photo for full view pics.

set 1

AND one of the reasons we do what we do. my pretty girl is getting healthy and will be going home (Haiti) soon. bittersweet --*sigh* my heart already aches.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

recycled bottle garden pathway

i finished (at least i think) this section of the yard. well still have to paint fence but its been very hot and also rainy so using that as a excuse to avoid it.

thanks to a super cool freecycler you will see my new edging! i thought i was gonna pick up just a bag or two but there were five to my delight!! i had just said hey i need something cool,free and recycled to outline the edges last week and SO here it is. they are baby food jars. my soil is sand, so they were super easy to push in. the kiddos towards the end of prepping them helped open the lids and peel off the labels. my hand was getting sore!


i haven't weeded=obviously.

baby jar edging

recycled pathway

the walkway is made out of recycled bottles-i put a bit of watered down paint in the clear bottles and let them dry in the sun before i stuck them underground. i didn't get a close up-sorry. these bottles needed to be a bit larger for more stability since we walk there. i also used paint lids, hubcaps, and coffe cups. it took a bit of work to dig down far enough-although my youngest son did alot of it-he loves to dig.


my big dog kept digging in this section by the tree so i tried to fill it with things to keep her out. lets see if it works!


i forgot the english name of this plant-we eat the roots-its like a sweet potato.


this is what i reworked the other day. another freecycler gave me some mother tongues and the spider plants. it still needs less weeds and more plants.


i uncluttered here and added a few hibiscus.

the whole view

here's the full view of the song quote-it used to have alot of saw blades, frames and other bits-they've fell off and i'm too lazy to redo it. i still need to rework the stuff in front of fence.

thats good for today-its still hot at 7! i'm off to make something yummy for dinner.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Art with a purpose




i made these a few months ago. i was hoping i would be "detached" from them now cause i should actually SELL them. i've been cranking out massive art the last few months which is why i've been so quiet here... although most of it is for the CAFE, there is quite a bit i've kept! so these i made them originally for the cafe.... of which i haven't mentioned here! i've been working for it... for oh my almost a year!! my good friend had the vision and then brought me in on it. i am so very passionate for their cause. its a non profit,ALL monies go for funding Air Mobile which is a disaster relief org that delivers amazing (and solar) water purifiers to those who desperately need it! Each mission, each Voyager (the purifier) requires the green, the team volunteers their time and even more so their own money!! Their PASSION will infect you. we are never short of disasters or passion, but quite often the green limits us, so we've been busy about finding a way to support our cause (hence the cafe).

Currently they will be heading out in the next week or so for their second trip to Myanmar where the disastrous Cyclone Nargis will likely claim more deaths than the 2004 Tsunami. In which Air Mobile was also there, leaving their mind and spirit scarred by death and devastation. You will find it has only fueled their already abundant passion for helping the helpless.

Above is one of the team members Joe Prussel working with local monks. Below is a heartwrenching photo of the reality of what we take for granted.

So you see that ART does make a difference. Our cafe also has an art & gift gallery, as well as offer a variety of classes. I'm the community advocate and creative director. We are using ART to build our community too for it is full of disaster and devastation as well. From the community to the nations Elevations International Cafe is about serving a thirsty world (and not just about coffee). So yes these dolls will have to move on-they have purpose besides making me feel good. Sometimes, my selfishness gets a big kick in the pants. ITS SO NOT ABOUT ME. We are busy about changing our world, through art and relationships, and one good cup of java.