Saturday, August 30, 2008

dieunika's recovery

dieunikarecovering by you.

after a rough few days my beautiful Dieunika is fully recovering! here she is sitting up only 2 days after surgery on her stomach! if your not aware of her story she came from haiti about 6 mths ago after one of our team members while delivering water purifiers of air mobile became aware of her need. she was born without an properly formed anus therefore her body (had naturally) formed a colostomy, (bile came right out a hole in her stomach). her first surgery reconstructed the anus, this surgery reconnected all the insides and close the hole! yesterday was the first time she ever felt a fart or poo!! something one wouldn't normally be excited about! BUT WE ARE!! she was especially excited because she was able to remove the tube from her nose and EAT!!! yesterday the first thing she told me when she woke up was I WANT TO EAT! *cringe* luckily later in the day she was able too! her body is functioning and on the road to recovery! she may even come home from the hospital today! as soon as she's all healed up we'll be returning her to her loving family who are anxiously awaiting her return!

she is truly an amazing just turned 3 year old! (she was born on my oldest birthday too!) very early friday morning (1 a.m.) she was awakened by the nurse and couldn't go back to sleep. i was getting sleepy and laying next to her. she kept playing with me and saying "wake up -wake up my friend "and laughing!  course i couldn't sleep then! so we played. its such a cute story why she calls us her friend (alot). i have to share it. cindy, aka my compassionate world changing friend and partner (aka the other half of (airmobile) joe) is her main guardian. she has children and her kiddos of course call her mom and so Dieunika started to call her that as well. (and would echo that when with me as well)  of course she (we) don't want her to forget her mom and family so she (we) reminded her quite abit about her mom, her house and how she will be going home once she is better. so cindy explained i'm your friend, not your mom. then asked her are you my friend? nods of course! so now quite often she will ask "are you my friend?" to us. yep then we remind her of home and how much we love her!  we both say to her "we love being your friend!" so when i was really tired and our playing was ceasing, i laid my head down, she looked at me sweetly and asked "are you ok my friend?".  (i had been asking her that all day!) 

i said "yes, are you?"
 "yep" she says
a moment of silence
"what are you doing my friend?" she says
"i'm going to sleep ok?"
she nods
another moment of silence
"are you ok my friend?"
i nod and ask "are you?"
she nods and reaches over to hold my hand.
i tell her she is so brave. (she has no clue!)
this sweet talk questioning happens a few more times.
then she says "no talkin go to sleep!"
i giggle and say "ok!"
more silence.
then she says softly "what are you doing, my friend?"
i giggle and say "i thought there was no talkin!!"
she smiles a big toothless smile (she had rotten front teeth pulled a few months ago)!
i went to sleep with her caressing my face and holding my hand.
oooooh sweet baby love!!!! *insert heart swell*

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Doing it afraid

my sons first public performance last friday.
he was so nervous, but he rocked it.
he was so elated afterward!
he said, "i was afraid, but i did it anyway"
*sigh* very proud mama moment!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008