Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where I've been in pictures

A question I get alot: Where are you now?

Here's a peek in pictures of the places I've been through...and then the answer to that question.



serene beach walk





love onthe beach

and now from one extreme to is where i spent my Christmas LONGING for the sunshine:

enjoying the pale and grey in Kentucky on 28 acres of beautiful snow covered hills....and in just a few days I'll be back in the Sunshine!!

hmmm WHERE do you think I'm going next???

and THE BEST PART..iTS all on FAITH!!

i GAVE alot up to do this,
i take alot of risks,
while other times i just sit and WAIT..sometimes impatiently,
not mention eat alot of beans {which i really love}
and its WORTH it all!!

The people, The places, The experience.
I am so thankful!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas, Thank you God for the beautiful journey.

Thank you, Lord..I love Co-Creating with you.
Your beauty inspires me,
your humor keeps me JOYFUL...
Thank You for beauty for ashes.
Your LOVE continues to amaze me!!!
Thank You for your Freedom!!
You take my breath away.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Remember this?


18 years ago I did this crazy thing...I worked several jobs, saved all my cash, sold my car and left my small rural hometown and went on an adventure {to change the world}! Little did i know it would change me FIRST! (Sounds familiar yeah?? LOL)

Where did I head of to do this-the FURTHEST place from home I could find? No,not Tinbuckto, although I DO wanna go there someday too! It started when met this guy who traveled all around the world doing good things to help others, all because he loved Jesus. Oh man this caught my attention, cause I wanted to be in missions, but I didn't want to attend 4 yrs of college to do it! So he shared about this organization called Youth With A Mission whose mission statement just LIT it up for Know God and to Make Him Known! Now this might sound soso to you, but let me tell you, I was this MESSED up girl who had this ENCOUNTER with the most BEAUTIFUL and Majestic being that completely changed my life by LOVE alone.

YES, by simply LOVING me,
with all my messed up-ness!
Yeh I just made that a word!
I agree it might sound akward and wonky, but lets just say I had a whole lotta issues and some were NOT so pretty!! BUT This God, totally rearranged my heart and life, set this FIRE in me...becuase if He could be this liberating for me, He would do it for anyone!!


So HERE I am sooo many years later still consumed with the FIRE of Love, that I makes me just wanna LOVE BOMB. (THANKS CATINA love that phrase!!!) BUT it works, it really does, to love someone who is unloveable, to reach out to someone who rejects you over and over because they don't know the truth of love, to help hurting people, to touch others through kindness and JOY, it is the most challenging and yet worthwhile thing to do!! ALL BECAUSE I encountered TRUE LOVE, someone who seen me in a whole different way and believed in me, when NO ONE else did! WOW!

Answer the Call... YWAM DTS Kona from YWAM Kona on Vimeo.

ANYHOW this relates to where I am now,,,I wouldn't be the person I am today if it were not for how God used YWAM....and so 18years later I'm going back to the place where it all started for me...Kona,HAWAII. Its like a HOT DATE with God. I'm SOOOO excited to go back to the place where He forever changed me and to sit on the beach with HIM, the greatest ARTIST and watch his materpiece, as the sunrises and sets! I get to remember and yet go forward into the NEW. So much is gonna come out of this and I CANT WAIT. I'll be sharing more personally through my art journals, as soon as I get them all scanned in.

I'm about to board the plane and DO IT AGAIN, where it all began! I think my heart just may explode! Oh the places He takes me, and doing it all on FAITH!! One step at a time baby!

here's to the NEW!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Art Raffle & What I've been up to!

Taking a quick break to share a bit of what I've been up to-lots of good stuff going on!

On Oct 30th my baby turned 12! So hard to believe~although he's been trying to be a teenager for years! isn't he so handsome {just like his dad!}?? i just love his freckles!

me and my cutie!

We hosted and worked a luau/festival all day on his birthday for a community-so we worked ALL day about WORE out-we were so wore out we forgot the next day was Halloween and my boys remembered around 9 p.m. and was like lets go around! Um it didn't happen! We enjoyed a great family day though...and God did something SO amazing that day that I can't wait to share more in detail sooooon!!

I would go into detail now but I'm getting ready for the Art Flea tomorrow-and if I get started I'll spend all day here.

We just came back from a week of visiting my grandparents in Illinois. We haven't seen them in years and it was so sweet to spend time with them! My grandma had a stroke over a year ago and has come through some really hard stuff physically...I loved having dinner with them and probably my favorite thing

about my grandma is quite odd and yet simple-


but it's her CLOTHESLINE...lots of memories and maybe the fact that she isn't able to use it herself anymore.

NOW I'm working towards getting myself to Hawaii for this event

the 50th at YWAM Kona - Nov. 29 to Dec. 4th 2010 from YWAM Kona on Vimeo.

with my team who is performing (more on that too later since I haven't shared much on that here-it crosses into the cool God thing I will be sharing-so yeah!!!). We are a team of ARTISTS called Warriors Come Home under YWAM. The short story is we use the ARTS in to influence our community. We've been working alongside First Nation and Native Peoples in the midwest...just SO much to share I just can't sum it up easily! Anyhow the last time I was in Hawaii was 18 years ago with it is such a SWEET GOD THING that the timing of going now is exaclty the same...I'm not as excited to go to Hawaii so much, but more so to go be with GOD-I know some MORE awesome stuff is about to BREAK!!

To help myself get there I'm hosting an ART RAFFLE for the painting below...$5 donation gets ya in the drawing---if you look to the side bar near the top of my blog you'll see a PAYPAL donate tab use it to enter as much as you want or it is on my etsy too along with some newer art stuff. I'll be drawing live from HAWAII on Nov 30th! I haven't bought my ticket yet-totally living on FAITH here! I love to watch God do his thing!

Art Raffle

OK I better get busy NOW getting ready for the Art Flea tomorrow in downtown if you live in the area come on down and say HEY and check out some great artisians sharing their handmade goods! everything is affordable from $1 to $50! come check out what to get for Christmas/Hanukkah presents or a treat for yourself!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

what i love about fall

Its so nice to be in a place that I get to see the seasons change. I loved living in Florida, but have to say this is my favorite season and glad I am here now to enjoy the intoxicating colors as they contrast the sky.

beautiful fall

Friday, October 15, 2010

Come Scratch the ITCH!

If your in Kansas City, come check out the Art Flea! Lots of fun things going on there! You'll get plenty of eye candy and hopefully SOME to take home too!!! Me, the gothies, and LOTSA new creations will be there tooooo!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

art on etsy

Originally uploaded by paintYOURworld
im slowly filling up my shop again...i have quite a few venues/festivals i'm selling at so kicking myself in high gear to get myself all together! i have alot of FUN new stuffs to post!

its been a gorgeous RAINY day today! I'm SO INSPIRED!! LOVE it...all my have to's are done for the day (yes i know technically its evening LOL) SO now its back to the studio!!! My plan, well my hope is to post photo's tomorrow.

I do have to decorate for a parade our team is performing in this I NEED to get the art out of my head so I can focus!! lol

Monday, September 13, 2010

Crocheted Smart Car

Crocheted Smart Car
Originally uploaded by StartTheDay
The boys and I were surfing this inspiring recycled art site...i tried to pick out favorites but couldn't realllly decide which ones cuz there are so many inspiring stuffs! The guys picked out the crocodiles
i do love this unique car! and this AMAZING vinyl sculpture and then there is this very cool bookcase made of tables and then the ORGAN chairs/bed....see I could keep going there is SO much FUNKY stuff there!

This month has been super busy going to soooo many FUN FESTIVALS all over and connecting downtown in the Art District-there is SO much developing and going on I can't keep up with myself! I have lots of NEW ART and journeys to share-I hope to get all my photo's uploaded and share it all soon!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

cherokee nation

cherokee nation
Originally uploaded by paintYOURworld

cherokee nation 2

Been in and out of Cherokee Nation over the last few months. Am pretty amazed at the favor of God's connections. I know I shouldn't be amazed because it is after all God! LOL I think I more so amazed at the places and peoples he puts _me_ in the midst of..the great things I get to be apart of!! I am so humbled. Thank You Creator!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Little inspirations

Gotta love an artist who takes the ordinary and does amazing things with it....the heart one is my favorite, but the alphabets WOW me because of the the patience factor and detail!! The cool things is, he only makes them as gifts and not for sale. Check out more here about Dalton Ghetti sculptures.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


a true hitchhiker story! every one has a story. i'd seriously like to know hers.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Looove this doll. Im inspired now to make some littles.

found this cute doll at world market.
me thinks its time to make some dolls!!

Friday, July 16, 2010


somedays i get caught ALL up in myself
the beauty of art, of exploring, of loving and living LIFE to the fullest
there really is SO MUCH GOOD
i laugh, oh Lord I LOVE to laugh and be silly!!

yet there is an ache that i carry,
and i don't want to EVER forget that not everybody knows freedom
and beauty of that freedom can be despite their circumstances....
so you will find me connecting, working,donating,watching, listening, praying
to that often heavy reminding ache
to those that are forgotten,
to those who hurt d e e p with their smile on....
and those who are caught in SLAVERY
yes, its so true that it still exists!!
it wont go away until we get involved!
if you don't have finances to donate thats fine
BUT imagine your TIME and a PRAYER
here's a few places that i personally know

LORD, you hear their cry,
I hear their cry,
YOU come to heal the brokenhearted...
Lead us, Lead me,
to those who are broken
and END slavery one life at a time.
I've watched you CHANGE lives,
including mine,
enable me, enable others
to move into action
to walk the streets,
to commit to your cause,
to take the time to pray,
to make art to donate,
to use what they have to make a difference
to bring awareness,
AND the END of modern day slavery!!
We take no glory , but give it TO YOU.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

dreads be good, life be good!!

dreads be good
Originally uploaded by paintYOURworld
can't quite splain it
my happiness....
yet its deep
and REAL
life is so beautifully
i thought i had a good life
enjoyed life to the fullest
yet this is mind blowing....
i can only thank you,
He _is_ Freedom.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Family Gathering

So much laughter!!!
and mannnny late nights.
Even the tears, they are beautiful with you...
Thank you for your love!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dumb questions, can EMPOWER your life!

Have you ever asked a stupid question? I admit that was probably one itself, haha but seriously continue. Quite possibly you asked it out of truly not knowing and curiosity. You were looking for the answer, right? I was reading about some guys who asked this complicated question, and as I'm reading it, I'm thinking this is a dumb question,!! Of all the questions to ask somebody important, why did they ask this one? The answer that was given though brought me to full attention!

Yeshua said "Isn't this the reason you go astray? You are both ignorant of the Tanakh (scriptures) and the POWER OF GOD?" MARK 12:24

Yeah Jesus just called 'em stupid. Alright he didn't really, but uh yeah he did. At first, it made me laugh, and go THIS is why i LOVE this guy!! He cuts right to the chase and recognizes that even our dumb questions are powerful! Then after my giggle, I hear what he's saying, through the reply of his own questions. THIS is it, this is why we quite often DON'T get it. We lack the understanding of the WORD of God, which is POWERFUL!

Are you lacking in power? No I'm not talking about the power of your career, money, relationships, stuff, etc. maybe you already have that, are searching for it or on your way to it. Although there is nothing wrong with those things if they are not your god, they do have purpose and temporary satisfaction, however I'm referring to the REAL and EFFECTIVE POWER that will change and define your life so you'll NEVER be the same. Its guaranteed to change all those things above because you'll see things a whole new way. It is simply the WORD of God. If you are looking, needing or lacking power in your life. Pick up a bible. It REALLY has power. Its not that lame, wimpy, judgmental, holier than thou religious knock off bible thumping pile of dung that some have misrepresented it to be. Its an empowering, accepting, liberating, XTREMELY radical lifestyle living in relationship with the funniest, most CREATIVE being EVER!!!

I'm ever inspired by the Word. Its poetically and literally the greatest love story ever, it has better advice than my best friend, is actually more faithful than any friend,family or spouse, it paints the most beautiful and even eyebrow raising pictures, it makes fun of hypocrites and know it alls, its full of FIGHTIN words and its packed full of DRAMA, um have you heard about the guy who was living with is step-mama?? And yes it is holy too. I read it and say HOLY COW, why did I take so long to realize how powerful it is!!

Note: I may continue to ask dumb questions.

Friday, May 28, 2010

its all about the cross!

something so ordinary and yet so beautiful.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Power of words

Have you ever encountered a person who really challenges your thinking? One who stirs up something unknown in you. I'm talking about a word that instantly quickens you. It doesn't have to be good, it can be a negative stirring as well. I can give quite a few examples of people that have said something out of their anger or negativity that just pushed me. By that I don't mean defending myself or being pissed off. I mean walking away from it completely fired up and using it to rise to a new level in understanding, either about myself or that person. There is opportunity in everything we encounter.

I was reading an article earlier and these words


off the page.

"When God speaks it is an EVENT which sets history in motion." Reinhard Bonnke

Those words snapped me to attention. I don't take God's words lightly. Now I'm not refering to the written Word, I'm talking about something more personal and involved. I talking about a response specifically designed for me. Words are creative acts. God's word is a creative ACT! It MOVES. Its a VERB! That gets me EXCITED!!! What He has spoken to me is MOVING. Its coming!!

What has God spoken to you, that is about to MOVE?

Monday, May 3, 2010

New Artwork

Originally uploaded by paintYOURworld
The blues are a little off colorwise, but this is a new piece. I have quite a few other new ones you can peek at if you click on her.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beauty ARISE!


All I held was ashes....
blowing in the wind.
YAH (God) said I'll take those ashes


The truth is that some losses are for your personal good.

The beauty that has become from the ashes....
Because what Yah brings, radiates unfathomable beauty.
THANK YOU Lord for every intimate moment in your presence!!
You amaze me.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


and sometimes its good to NOT LET GO!

oh no I want to let go of my SELF, the frustration, anger, any seed of bitterness, immaturity


STOP cursing your crisis!
YOUR chaos
YOUR challenges
Yes I said that-
oh I know you will not like that
cause I SURE don't!!
It really isn't my idea either. LOL
I don't think I'd quite do it this way,
so its a GOOD THING I'm not in charge
cause ITS WORTH it,
YES your crisis can have WORTH!
If you can relate to me,
then your probably thinking wellllll
not this ONE THING (you can insert your sitiuation here),
_THIS_ its horrible,
its disgusting, its heartbreaking, its absolutely of NO WORTH
I can't believe I have to walk through this
or maybe you haven't even walked through it yet
your still crawling, or maybe your even STUCK
or you just don't have the strength to even lift your head
let alone pick up your feet
and recently! so i KNOW its not easy
but if you understand a few things

You ARE NOT ALONE (even though it may feel like it and you can look around and say it LOOKS like it too)
if YOU allow
yes YOU are the keyholder
NO MATTER the circumstance
i mean NO MATTER the circumstance
yes even THAT
if YOU allow
your inner (wo)man,
take the key and unlock it-
and embrace that THING,
yes RUN right smack INTO IT
the PAIN
the demand
the loss
the circumstance
face the FEAR
be completely broken,
yep it requires complete brokenness
(i know i didn't want to go THERE!)
it requires vulenarbility
it requires humbleness
it requires letting GO of self
over and over again,
uh huh that self thing is hard
to let go of
but once you DO
and it asks you to
SEEK God (Yah),
and accept deliverance (Yeshua).

Yeah, those last two might be hard
really hard
especially if you don't know the
TRUE beauty of them.

When you encounter and i mean
TRUELY encounter
each of them,
you will NEVER


simple, yet powerful words

no matter what it costs you
please take what wisdom my experiences
have taught me
and let them encourage
and empower you
just as it has me.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Redeeming Love

In the middle of the journey of our life, I came to myself in a dark wood. Dante

A few days ago I devoured an almost 500 page novel. From the first few pages it captivated my attention. If your an avid fictional reading this may be your norm, unfortunately I am not. I also don't read romantic period literature much, so when I picked up the book I was hesitant. I really didn't think it would captivate me like it did. Interestingly I found myself wrapped up in curiosity. I tried several times to walk away from the book, but I was so drawn that I only took bathroom breaks! Now the storyline is one I'm familiar with, you may be too if you've ever read the book of Hosea. I actually have questioned quite often, could I ever do such a task as what was asked of Hosea? My answer always has been I don't think so, at least not without the Truth of Love....and now through my own circumstances I have come to understand the enduring strength, that Love asks of us. It does not quit, and it does NOT fail, EVER. The rewards are so worth it. If anything can redeem, it is only Love in the purest form. Beware though, it will ask you to give up yourself. Although what you exchange it for,will be an overwhelming faithful Love that you can not compare to anything this side of heaven.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Following the sky

A new city.
its called Kansas.
This road has lead me to JOY!!
complete utter transformation
and a FREEDOM that is

Finding the lines of the sky
and following it.

green lines


city inspiration

Friday, February 26, 2010

bayou chicot, LA

photo by carla naron

My sweet art pal that I've been staying with took some cool photos of us.

photo by carla naron

my cutie pie

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WOW, inspiration from within!

I had not realized its been so long since I've posted here. As I came to post the photo here below, I reread my November post. WOW-what inspiring words! Obviously inspired by the Divine and not my own! LOL Well now, so much has happened in the last few months that I don't even know where to begin...besides the fact that we now LIVE on the road,i guess I'll just link you to the where I am now. I have so much to catch ya'll up on, but oh so little time to sit here.

not forgotten

I'm currently in central Louisiana, with the most beautiful art girl and yesterday we took a trip down in the swamplands and to visit her mother in law, who btw just happened to be the cutest southern mama. We took a walk outside her home and just before I hit the door, I was already inspired by her moon and sun windchime which I quickly snapped a photo of as it became my new wallpaper for my phone. From there I ran into some beautiful red fallen flowers admist the surrounding dreary brown grass and grey went in the side of my hair and the rest is in pictures. WARNING You'll may be seeing flowers for a little bit.

mother naron's clothpins

Now off to get creative in Carla's studio!