Thursday, January 31, 2008

your one of a kind baby... annnnd the winner IS

your one of a kind baby
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BReNDA aka pretty pink tiara who wants to live in a pink house. i say just paint the mutha PINK. remember john mellencamps pink house contest?

i wonder what happened to that house??? song facts says this

MTV ran a contest based on this song where they gave away a Pink House. Unfortunately, the house was on a toxic waste dump in Indiana. Mellencamp did not want to poison his fans, so he refused to let them give it away. MTV ended up buying another house and painting it pink for the contest. The winner moved in for 2 days before selling it. Mellencamp is good friends with John Sykes, who was working at MTV at the time and now runs VH1

ANYHOW CONGrATS TO BRENDA girl send me your snail mail address foundthings AT cfl DOT rr . com


i'll be giving another WIP and a mask away this weeek too....but right now i have to go work on an event i'm hosting.....more info to come!

Monday, January 28, 2008

the bag lady

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i'm GIVING AWAY a WIP that never got embellished...all these grand plans of embroidery and doodling and i get tired just typing it. i have tooooo many bags. really i make one for every outfit and usually like 15 minutes before we have to be somewhere!! anyhow tell me something about YOUR house...what makes it funky and cool and unique to you. a memory,a painting,a place...your house,your life. i'll pick someone in a few days. BE sure to check back!

i will have several or hmmm maybe LOTS of giveaways. i finally photographed them as i know i've said i was gonna giveaway then never actually did i will. i will!!

here are some bags i did months ago...freeform crochet on rug hook canvas.
freeform crochet
i seen prudence & some of the freeform gang on uncommon threads and finally realized i had hoarded enough canvas to do many many bags-i just need fiber as i normally used them for making rag rugs. i had resisted for SOOOO long to not buy fiber. i have to many loves to start another lust. i gave to temptation though i now have lots of LUSH (lust for) fiber. its a good waiting while "watching" the kiddo tae kwon do thing to do.


this was the first one i did

my first freeform using prudences crochet/latch hook method

this amazing BIRD retro bag is on etsy.


DELISH fibers


this one i just wanted to use all sorts of fancy fibers to crochet a bag....and i LOVE it too.

Friday, January 25, 2008

learning by living

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the boys and i went to our favorite trails yesterday the "enchanted forest" an endangered land park & education you can see its beautiful!!

we recorded lots of video and took lots of photos.
they are learning how to edit & do fun stuff with the camera.
we're just diving into all of them but these are some of my favorites.

siano found this cool rock at the quarry.


we love to take photos cramming ourselves in....i usually get cut off
but wow not today! its also the only way my oldest (12)will let me photograph him. i snuck a few in while he wasn't paying attention but he would not be thrilled if i showed ya! he has beautiful green eyes and freckles i wish i could capture more. *sigh*

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


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i scored this HUUUUUGE bag(a comforter size) of vintage yarn allllll delish in retro sat forever in my garage as it was originally meant for kerry's sister in the islands but it has sat there for years because no one has been able to take it to her and its ridiculous to send!!! plus she'd never see it-it would get stolen in a heartbeat as she doesn't have a box and it would be general delivery,not to mention she lives 2 hours from the post. soooo finally i decided i would just USE it!!! these colors totally inspired me and in the process of cleaning one of my fabric carts i found this pile of fabrics that were in the same scheme!!! oooooo talk about meant to be!!!

its been a month or so since i've made a saturday it all came together & i wore it to church....well not the scarf it wasn't cold enough!

i even found a necklace that i haven't wore in forever and it matched perfectly!!

more close ups on flickr

fav new crochet choker

also as if you didn't know i love crochet's a new one too.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

valentine-be the keeper!

full cuff

ok this one has the most DELISH fabric...the cuff is from a vintage western shirt (well so is the LOVE one too but its not as FUNKY!) this one YOU can add pictures (or could for you) and add little notes and gifts into the pockets. your lover would seriously LOVE you to pieces for this gift!! you can see all the pages=clicker 2 flickr.

its available on my etsy----> look to the right for the mini---for some reason the link wont show here!!

of course as well as some FUNKY new crochet necklaces too!

its a BIG ROCK baby

this RED hot lover is suede yarn -IT FEELS amazing on!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

the journaled wrist-my heart on my sleeve

the journaled wrist
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another journaled FABcuff.....this one about my true love

clicker to flickr to see inside

a few months after we met (in the Kingdom of Tonga) i went back home to the states and he then went on to Fiji...we have a sweet love story and most of it was spent oceans apart so this verse held us together.


"many waters cannot quench LOVE rivers cannot wash it away" songs 8:7

i think i will bead the cuff where the words are....need to look through the stash.

when we were married a few years later in Samoa we were together for 2 weeks then apart for 7 months while i had to return back to the states to work & wait...his visa was only posed to take a month!! now almost 11 years later we avoid any time having to be spent apart. ahhhh but he was worth the wait. *big dreamy smile*

i have another one which will be up for sale on etsy later...its a GREAT valentine present!! your lover would fLIP for it dh loves it! although its for me...but its ALL about HIM....if you have a true love you would like me to create one for-email me we'll work something out!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

can i have a castle please??

inspiring!! thanks to idiot the wise for inspiration

i've been REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAlly yeah REALLY wanting to do a local graffiti project wih kids-hoping someone will let me do a building or wall or something. i've been wanting to do more public art for oooooh so long. its on my agenda to GET r DONE this year. i have some phriends in the we shall seeeeeeeee.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


wow someone on a freeform crochet group sent this link.....

A MA z InG beauties!!

i've been crocheting k. some dread tams & necklaces like crazy yesterday.
i have to remember to share about yesterday it was such a poetic day.

BUT right now i'm so inspired though i have to get off here and ART.

HERE's a recent work for eye all started from cleaning up and i was going to
freecycle some "too pretty for me" art supplies like the little pink flowers.....THEN bang INSPIRATION
HIT. click to go to flickr to see the whole thing.


I picked up some beautiful branches yesterday that i will use to hang it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

things I love

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the full piece is on my flickr.

man i've got so much art going on here in the studio! yay!

Monday, January 14, 2008

for the love of crochet

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crochet crochet crochet

where art thou?


oh there you are...... around my neck!!


these are up on my etsy

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Thursday, January 10, 2008

this is where i embarrass myself ReALLY

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alrighty i attempted to do a video
its a series on no fear in art
showing how i just sit down at the work table
(a messy one at that!!)
with some items that i gathered
and just dive in!

the first video i uploaded was sooooo bad
really it was
if you saw it
i'm SO SORRY!!
ha ha! seriously omg it was awful!
it drove me crazy that i actually uploaded it
but i had worked so many hours on the ^&*^&*
thing i wasnt gonna waste the effort!
all the stuff around where i was working tooo
acccck, but i overcame the perfectionistic thang
and just freakin put it on!!!
aahhhh well i actually just remixed it-its better but still not that great!!

anyhow its up on you tube
AND even the 2nd part already!
so if your like me and just wanna watch it all at once
and not wait
here ya go!
we'll see where it goes from #2.

it shows how i'm an alwful piler
of works
i work on toooooo many things at once
but thats OK cuz it just works for me
i'm attempting to empty the work table
of the ones that have died there
so this is one of them

speaking of piles
you'll see that i really do arrange piles
of stuff that speak to me
so i can come in here at any time
look at one and go to town!
it doesn''t mean i'll use it all
it just means it pleases me visually to look at it
till the TIME comes

ok well now go watch the show here!

i was thinking of giving this away on the blog
but if i say that i will probably love it and end up
wanting to keep it!!
so i'm off to look for something to give away.
well that is after i get some sleep.
my days & nights are all mixed up....
but i have been getting lots of work done!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

a post from the other night/day!!

its a party!! a family one but a fun one none the less! our boys stayed the night with a friend last night, although they technically went early in the morning. then this morning went crabbing and actually did not come home till around 4:30! so k & i had our own night-its been awhile so it was awesome!!

each kiddo gets a station filled with fun little treats-the boys best friend stayed over too-

here's what we're doing together


making confetti wands (i typed wads lol)

noisemakers from film canisters
going through the year in pictures picking our fav memories and journaling/making something out of them-a picture book
& year in review postcard that we send to friends family far away
writing a new 2008 wish list (no resolutions here!)

course lots of overeating and drinking the dew going on too!

the boys were toasting with sparkling cider....then they ran down the block to their friends parents house and threw confetti at them!! our neighbor across the street doesn't have little ones anymore but he still comes out a midnight and rings his hand bell and then goes right back inside. my kiddos love it!

HOPE YOUR NEW YEAR is (well was now LOL) spent with someone you love!
if you happen to be alone it CAN be great--> create something SPECIAL just for yourself!!!

if you want a New Years mailart-give me your address.
i don't think i can create a private post so if you want
email me it foundthings AT CFL dot com....
REALLY THIS MEANS YOU! a brand new friend or old!!
mailart is no respector of post office....LOL

***HAPPY NEW YEAR!! *******
now i'm off to bed i haven't gone to sleep YET!!
i think i drank tooo much mt. dew!
plus i got inspired after the house went to sleep and cleaned in the studio-
i went through boxes in storage from when we moved in years ago
wow the goodies i found!!
not tooo mention stupid stuff i packed in there!!
well if i don't sleep all day i'll take photos later
off the fun stuff~
k's gone fishin for the day and the kiddos stayed up waaaay too late
so off to snuggle with them!