Friday, June 25, 2010

Family Gathering

So much laughter!!!
and mannnny late nights.
Even the tears, they are beautiful with you...
Thank you for your love!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dumb questions, can EMPOWER your life!

Have you ever asked a stupid question? I admit that was probably one itself, haha but seriously continue. Quite possibly you asked it out of truly not knowing and curiosity. You were looking for the answer, right? I was reading about some guys who asked this complicated question, and as I'm reading it, I'm thinking this is a dumb question,!! Of all the questions to ask somebody important, why did they ask this one? The answer that was given though brought me to full attention!

Yeshua said "Isn't this the reason you go astray? You are both ignorant of the Tanakh (scriptures) and the POWER OF GOD?" MARK 12:24

Yeah Jesus just called 'em stupid. Alright he didn't really, but uh yeah he did. At first, it made me laugh, and go THIS is why i LOVE this guy!! He cuts right to the chase and recognizes that even our dumb questions are powerful! Then after my giggle, I hear what he's saying, through the reply of his own questions. THIS is it, this is why we quite often DON'T get it. We lack the understanding of the WORD of God, which is POWERFUL!

Are you lacking in power? No I'm not talking about the power of your career, money, relationships, stuff, etc. maybe you already have that, are searching for it or on your way to it. Although there is nothing wrong with those things if they are not your god, they do have purpose and temporary satisfaction, however I'm referring to the REAL and EFFECTIVE POWER that will change and define your life so you'll NEVER be the same. Its guaranteed to change all those things above because you'll see things a whole new way. It is simply the WORD of God. If you are looking, needing or lacking power in your life. Pick up a bible. It REALLY has power. Its not that lame, wimpy, judgmental, holier than thou religious knock off bible thumping pile of dung that some have misrepresented it to be. Its an empowering, accepting, liberating, XTREMELY radical lifestyle living in relationship with the funniest, most CREATIVE being EVER!!!

I'm ever inspired by the Word. Its poetically and literally the greatest love story ever, it has better advice than my best friend, is actually more faithful than any friend,family or spouse, it paints the most beautiful and even eyebrow raising pictures, it makes fun of hypocrites and know it alls, its full of FIGHTIN words and its packed full of DRAMA, um have you heard about the guy who was living with is step-mama?? And yes it is holy too. I read it and say HOLY COW, why did I take so long to realize how powerful it is!!

Note: I may continue to ask dumb questions.