Friday, November 30, 2007

new ornaments/necklace dolls

new scrap ornaments that can be hung or worn as a pendant.
i'll show a pic tomorrow.
this one is quite large click for a few more on flickr. ill have them
on etsy soon....or if your interested lmk.

isn't she cute!! someone told me last week that my art was a little "scarey"
i giggled so hard...ME? are you serious? they had looked at my etsy shop
and at the time i had only skull pins and a few pen & inks which yeah i guess
are dark in theme....but scarey??? now come over and see my doll heads in
the garden then ya might be scared. HAHAHA she said her interent filter wouldn't
let her view my site!! wow who knew i was so "witchy"!!

creepy doll

the comment kinda stuck with me for a bit as i really love and admire the person, but obviously shes
only seen part of me! i've done lots of ministry with her, actually am a part time chaplin
with her families ministry.....she said she thought wow how could this sweet soft spoken gal that
i know have "this" in her!!!! hahaha  good thing she didn't judge me by her impression of my art!
i very rarely care what anyone thinks of me or my art yet this comment made me *aware* of how
others may see me. i've come along way baby to enjoy this freedom i aint goin back now!!!


this is along side the creepy head...i so love teapots and little girls shoes!!

these new drawings i'm making into cards & gift tags.


i do love cute things too!
so would if i would ever chose to wear a label
maybe i would prefer creepy cute.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

new gothies

gothie love them ears!
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gothies are strange creatures yes they are, they never go outside without their make up on and always have an attitude....oh wait that describes me!! ahhh nevermind.

new plushies


and new drawings orange i love you
these are Christmas cards!

aint she perdy
there will be more available as paper dolls and plush! i'll show ya those next up-theyll be for sale in my etsy shop and website!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


my 9 yr old son love to take photos of his hand
probably something i started when he was little
as i would always photograph his hands after he painted
i just loved the textured look on those lil hands!!
so now he does it on his own. *sigh* sweet love

i LOVE these beads!!


i SMILE every time i wear it!!


i took a trip to gothieville today for a fashion shoot
but they are such proud freaks that they would not
share a blog entry. 

WELLLL  then they will have to just wait till tomorrow!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

He is like a tree planted

He is like a tree planted
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the journaled wrist

another journaled wrist....literally wearing my heart on my sleeve. *snort*



ANNNNNND SEARCH TRASHION OR VISIT ETSYTRASHION.COM FOR ALL THE SELLERS having a fabUlous sale today!!! oh a shopping we must go....handmade all the way!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

loTS of cuffs!!

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oooooo i love ORANGE and crochet

i just can't get enough of crochet.....really i think i'm gonna pass out from excitement!!! i could never find the vibrant colors & designs i love (well that i could afford-sooooo duh make my own). i've finally decided to (errr sorry i've been greedY) share some with ya'll. more details here

when i get back from the fiber store i'll post more photos of my personal obsession um i mean collection of journaled cuffs. here's a peek of one up on etsy.

and a sneak peek at my up and coming felt love.....


do you have any felt websites that you want to share? i'm going to put up some links so you can see mine. comment if you have some great inspiration links!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

save the world flyer

save the world flyer
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20% oFF any of my art on and my site ....well actually any of my art!! OK OK wooooohoooo happy handmade holidays!!!

you'll have to check out my amazing friends shops too.....i'll be promoting some good stuff soon so keep checkin back!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

my trial and errrrrrrrrrrrr

i thought i could do it, this attempt errrr failed. dont know what happened to the trees. lol


started with some blank peel n stick tiles (my way of keeping it unique still)

hey i started with BLACK lines!!!


then this face i started with BROWN thinking hey i can do it!! yes i can


errrr then i thought ok just a little bit of a dark blue
then i got STUCK
then how bout some orange NO NO can't stop!!!
BUT i LOVE orange
OK just a lil bit
well then
lil purple
DANG i need to stop
so i did and now i'm stuck
OK so start another square!!!
started again with BROWN.
well if i mix just a bit of orange.........
we've got a problem now here comes yellow
and well forget it!!!!!


so here's what i ended up with thus the back you can see a piece of the totally rebellious colorful one
errrr but lets not talk about that yet

i'm gonna have to start all over.....................

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

i have a creative challenge
to fill a international cafe with *drumroll*

brown and black
yet "traditional" in nature

now when you think of my art

is this ANY descriptive word you would relate to me???

oh heck no!!!
*head on desk*

i'm thinking trees.
i like trees
they are brown, yah?
*insert big sigh*

i recently posted a collage sheets here
and trees are the theme.
i think this is where i'll draw my inspriation from.
ok so i'll be posting my work as i progress.

i know i CAN do it.
i just dont want to! *insert whine*

and this is how we overcome.
sorry its a song and its the first thing that came to me.
oy the drama!!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Friday, November 9, 2007

the beautiful people of haiti



for God

for purpose

there are

yes they are

this is my "papa", my pastor,my mentor
under whom i've sat as he's filled me with hope
and purpose
through listening to God's Spirit
and passing it on
changing the world
one person at a time.

the video stirs my passion
knowing each and every person there
walked miles and miles

and sat in the hot sun
all to worship!!
i mean the HUNGER
they are hungry!!
they are HUNGRY
to seek God.

btw he's on a missions trip to haiti
where we (our church) have schools
all the beautiful kiddos faces you see
and many churches under pastors covering
we're not a denomination
we're just people
passionate for jesus
oh if you touch him
you would be too......
i giggle watching him
cause he's not usually so animated
he really was "feelin" it!

my lifes continually changing
but this time in a major way
i recently changed positions
i am hungry for God
i am passionate about people
i am hungry
i am SO passionate
about hurting people
i truly can't express in words
my passion

my prayer has always been
to see people hungry
for God
hungry enough
to move
to stop being about themselves
to take what they have and give it away
for completely unselfish reasons
to love unconditionally

its time
to elevate
my prayers are answered
i'm going to the nations