Thursday, May 31, 2007

jewelry anyone?

happy day & !!
you both are amazing people!
much love!!


the june issue of antiques and collecting,
on ATC my page art spread

i'm finally getting around to posting some jewelry.

i have a few others on etsy



i do have some bracelets already made to be posted soon
but these are fab to make your own!


they have original artwork in them!
any drawing i have can pretty much be made into one
or i can draw you something!
i'm planning to go to LA next month for a conference
at the dream center
its SUCH and inspiring place!!
i want to incorporate the vision i have for impact center
into reality and can use some pointers!!
so i'll be holding a raffle soon to raise the funds!
i'll be putting a big lot of art & stuff together.
i REALLY want to go dang it! LOL

Sunday, May 27, 2007

even the kitchen sink

god is funny and quirky
and oh so silly
you know those private jokes
you have with friends
well this is one between god and i


i could go into long detail but instead i smile a big googin smile and say
yes he gives me everything-even the kitchen sink!
just found it on the side of the road on my way home from church
i'm about to go work on my garden so we shall we how it evolves out there!

i also scored these cool cowboy shirts.
not sure how they will end up
here are a few of my fav's


we all need uncle ikes hair grease
its embroidered!


love this design!
although i hate collars
so i want to make it into another shirt
gotta get creative
but its absolutely gorgeous outside so i'm going to finish
painting the fence
and decorating the backyard!


AND THESE TWO are to giveaway for your altering pleasure!
just drop a comment and or email me your address.
one per person
foundthings AT cfl DOT rr DOT com
absolutely FREE FREE FREE



Thursday, May 24, 2007

every tree needs a tutu

i used to never go in our backyard. it was really sad and ever so uninspiring.
so started painting the fence!!
and now every day i hope i will get to work more on it
seems like there is just not enough hours of daylight
so i'm ever so slowly
working on getting it FUNK-i-FiEd


every tree needs a tutu!
it makes me laugh everytime i walk in the backyard.
although i'm still not to happy with her.
actually she is not feelin so sexy.

she recently got hacked
a very bad haircut indeed
so she asked me to cover what
i could with old paint rollers
sorta an offtake of a bottle tree
oooo which i'm on a hunt for!

i want to make her look like a person
and use some of the funky shoes i have
to plant flowers in to place at the bottom
as well as give her some sorta hair
or uh sumpin
shes a story tree ya know
she has sumpin to say


this record tree was buried in my studio!
it screamed i wanna GO outside!!


finally getting some mobiles up & out too!
although i had to take a break from fence painting
due to rain


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

who sucks?


not really new...just new to (show) you!
i painted the record several years ago and hid it in a box thinking it sucked....
found it recently and thought wow why did i think that sucked???
assembled together with the hubcap makes me LOVE it!
reminder to inner critic i think you suck


i will have a few of these for sale (planned 4 tomorrow!?).
i will also be GIVING away some items too so check back!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

support your local food bank!


some eye candy

and some photos from saturday
it was our mail carrier food drive
it was good timing too
because our shelves have been
roller coasting from full to empty
i even had to turn some people away last month!
if you aren't aware i run
an crisis outreach center
called the Impact Center
and this is just one of the may ways
we help our community!
we serve well over 600 a month in food alone!

we started at 8 a.m.
for setup
it was HOT of course

we ended up sitting around
till about 1:30 p.m.
waiting waiting waiting
for the carriers to come in
compared to last year
the results were low
every bit DOES help
so i am thankful
we share with 7 other agencies
if you gave for your community


if not thats ok!
you can support
any of your local food banks
all year round
the need is always greater than the supply!
simply give any agency a call in your area
and they'll gladly tell you what you could
to bring on by!
if your not able to help by donation
don't worry
your TIME is ALWAYS needed too!
i know we're always needing helping hands!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Giving Hope

i've been sensing something in my spirit
for many months now
struggling with passions
or _lack of_ in other people

i HAVE a vision
and i want to cast it,
expand it & then fulfill it,
and then
again cast another
constantly serving others
rising higher and higher
to another level
there is no needs left to be met!
yes that will take generations
and generations
which makes me want to
SCREAM to the world

about changing my world
feeding hungry people
helping the hurting
repairing the broken
forgotten, and ignored
OH MAN my heart just aches.

once upon a time in my 20's
i foolishly asked God
to show me HIS heart
(well i should back up to say
by nature
i'm very private
with my emotions
and although i'm very sensative
and passionate
and expressive NOW
it still does not come natural
so once upon a time
i would not let anyone see me cry
and goodness never EVER wanting to be
the center of attention!!)
when i asked this of God
i was in a sanctuary of a large church
actually one my GREAT grandparents had built & founded
before i was born
yet i didn't really grow up there
as they retired many years ago
my mother didn't go to church
my granny did take me when i was little
but unfortunately stopped going herself
before my teens
anyhow so i had just begun coming again to it
i was sitting in the back of course
next to my great grandmother
who by the way never stopped going till her death
SO when i asked this....
i was brought to my knees literally
and i was filled with an OVERWHELMING wave
of emotions that i can't even
begin to describe
and i began SOBBING
and SOBBING which
multiplied into LOUD
i could NOT MOVE
my shoulders were SO HEAVY
my legs lost all feeling
i could NOT get up
(uh hello center of attention!!)
i wanted it to STOP!!!
not to mention my nose was running
and i had not tissue LOL
i don't know HOW long i had been there
the sanctuary was now empty
i remember
hearing my great grandmother
whisper to me
"it can't be that bad"
she had NO IDEA.
i never explained.
actually i've never told anyone

i don't think i truly knew
what to do
so i did nothing
there are so many people hurting
don't you know?
i know you do
maybe your just as passionate
or maybe
everyday you walk by them
and look away
i know
the need is so great
and we often justify the why
why we don't/can't help
we most often just walk by
self focused
in self denial
me!!! me!!! me!!!

i KNOW THAT because that WAS ME ME ME
i kept my head down WAY TOO LONG
no vision
no future
THEN something amazing happened
i took my eyes OFF myself
and what i lacked
lifted my eyes to the sky
to focus on what i DID have
so i began humbly
giving what i could
and from there my world
completely changed
from there
yes there
to here
i can't even begin
to describe the transformation
and it all begin because i felt it
in my spirit

to the next level

Thursday, May 10, 2007

its amazing that you can come to post one thing and something completely different comes out

words can't express
my gratefulness
thank you
my wonderful

in awe of your grace
words can't express

holding my heart.
heart full of worship.
lord, you amaze me.