Monday, February 18, 2008



here's the CSA CENTER-located behind the TITUSVILLe POLICE dEPT on Grissom PARKWAY.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008


found things zine
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seriously unFREAKINbelievablely dELISHiouSO trashion fashion!!

the bestest RECYCLE & art wear artists!!! IN LIP SMACKING COLOR!
kitsch,punk,funk,retro,elegant,pretty & pink,crafty & organic
teenie weenie,midSIZE,fluffly &PHAT,
even smokinHOT MENs fashions take THAT
you name it sweet cheeks...its not just your everyday tilt a whirl.

so much EYE CANDY you'll need a DR. and possibly laser eye surgery.

honestly i'm afraid to even offer you one.
if your eyes bleed inspiration and you don't feed your kids for weeks
don't say i didn't warn you!!!

i'll even lift up my dress and show you inside
...THE ZINE silly.

NOTE: PROFITS GO TO filling up communities food banks! you're doing a good thang darlin!

North Brevard Sharing Center
WalkABOUT Inner City Missions (focus on the homeless)
Cor Jesus Food Pantry

course that would have to be a teaser for now....

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Great Exchange

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look what i got going on--community recycle event! a totally new thing for our community!!! wooohoooo

see some of flickrs & etsy's great artists on the flyer

myauntdebbie-red shirt
my stuff-next 2
myauntdebbie-cup cozy for the felted sweater earrings mens shirt
cheves-beauitful dress

i'm working on a zine to focus on trashion clothes (altered artwear) cause some peeps just don't know= wha???? SO if you have some funkAlicious stuff that you want to share-comment or email me a jpg or point me where i can click & copy!

i WISH ya'll lived CLOSE so we could party togetha!! i'll be posting the cover and a few sample pages later!!