Monday, February 27, 2012

Are you BLIND?

Judging others makes us blind,
                             whereas love is illuminating.
By judging others
                          we blind ourselves to our own evil and
to the grace which others
              are just as entitled to as we are.”

                                                 Dietrich Bonhoeffer, The Cost of Discipleship


3to1 by paintYOURworld
3to1, a photo by paintYOURworld on Flickr.
Sunday is the most segregated day in America. This is ridiculous and NOT ok!
ONLY 5% of churches are integrated.  
                                                                                Curtis Paul Deyoung

Are you coming from a place of hurt or place of freedom?

How you relate to others is relevant to how your cultural history has shaped you. How can you walk into liberty and unity if your still operating out of hurt? Your worldview and/or culture shapes who you are as an individual.

A favorite word {in missions} is Reconciliation:

reconciling of people: the ending of conflict or renewing of a friendly relationship between disputing people or groups

HOWEVER it is most often not politically correct to discuss this in the "church".

Do you have an understanding of it?
Do you think it is even relevant to you?
Are you even aware of the cultures around you?
Are you aware...
Are you aware?
Do you accept the responsibility you carry in relating to others?

Its TIME to heal and celebrate our differences
SO THAT together we can move in POWER!!
Everyone has a voice, and they want to be heard~

It good to talk about social justices, and even agree with it,
its such a major issue...
ESPECIALLY in the body of believers
BUT practically how does change begin?
How do I walk this out?
ESPECIALLY if no one wants to talk about it, or even worse doesn't even publicly acknowledge the history, the pain of the great divide!

SO I am asking how do we do that?
HOW DO I do that?
as an Individual? as a group culture?
Before you can get overwhelmed with information,
ideas, and justification...

Lets begin with you (with me).
I'll start with a simple question.

In Whom or where is your/my identity based?
Something to ponder.
Something to pray on.
Something to change, if you don't have a solid answer.

Want more?
I'll be addressing this more this week.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Let my people DANCE!

"If you wonder where I am, I'll be with the GREAT I AM", and of course Gracelynn of NotGraceland, SamSon, Rachel, and Warriors Come Home. This is how ya worship MON! reggae late night in da Prayer Room!! yAH moN!

Video won't embed so go here!

While others sleep
We are wide awake
experiencing JOY
{for those who wait upon the Lord!}

gotta dance around
got it
deep in my soul
got to get it out
Let my people dance!
let them dance right now!
Let my people dance
 dance around!
Let them show you how!!"
       lyrics "Let My People Dance"
                    written & performed by SamSon

no one can steal my JOY
{or my dance!}
I don't wait in vain!
I'm LAUGHING till it hurts,
 dancing till I can't no more
experiencing every last bit
of goodness & adventure that life offers-
it follows me wherever I go-
all the days of my life!
JOY is my weapon. 

"yesterday is gone
tomorrow hasn't come yet
but one day I'm gonna live that
right now i wait on change
change can only come from
that day I will be ready
I don't wait in vain!!!"
              written & sung by 
                        Rachel Faagutu

Whata LIFE!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

beautiful Things

Dancing in the parking lot by the flashing light
all the laughs, that i can't contain
the freedom to move as You move 
{my true love}
unexplained joy that words can't adequately express
authority in my walk
favor in places i've never been
inspiration in the night
Love as I've never experienced
{BEAUTY from ashes}
-----its worth it all!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Never underestimate PRAYER!


before God, we can't hide our hearts.
our true motives, 
our judgments
and especially our selfish ways
no matter how we justify ourselves
for the wrong we do,,,
and often even to the point of delighting in it!
even attempting to say God over looks your wrong-
or would even bless it-
God is JUST.
God judges the heart...
and He changes us because
of His Love for us!
we may not understand
because our eyes see
according to our own limited way....
Because of God's greatness, 
He see's our weakness..
and see's the inner person
the ones He knows in the intimate place, 
He speaks to
those whom He draws to himself
not so they can't be condemned
or self righteous
but so they can walk into FREEDOM
in His kindness He moves our hearts
away from that which only hinders 
so that we are no longer the same~
He is loyal and faithful,
and he teaches us to be the same
and as He asks us to walk in His ways
they often do not mix well with our nature
nor do others understand-
we have a choice to make
do we chose to walk out in faith
that which we know in our spirit
to be true? 

When the Lords asks you to stand
for that which man does not understand
it is most often mocked.


Because when you honor God
with all that you are,
and all that He is requiring of you
you will find PEACE,
that is worth FAR MORE
than any way we could chose our self!!
so let them laugh,
take them to the Lord
he will move your heart 
as you humble yourself
He will move on your behalf!
When you take those who mock to Him
and get right before Him in motive
when you stand in prayer
when you set your eyes upon 
Him, and Him Alone...

They destroy strongholds
as they come before His throne
and the ALMIGHTY God
is moved by YOUR response
You have the authority to 
COMMAND darkness to fall
when you are right before the Lord
HE comes to your rescue
and He silence's the mouth
of the mocker!

SO be encouraged,
and you will SEE
the POWER of
the MOST High God
DO the

The prayer of a righteous person
            is powerful and effective
                                                         James 5:16

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Battlefield

The Battlefield by paintYOURworld
The Battlefield, a photo by paintYOURworld on Flickr.
A few years ago while traveling, my kids and I came upon this battlefield in Louisiana. From the moment I walked upon the memorial, I felt the strong presence of the Lord, as he moved admist my brokenness, to strengthen and empower me to FIGHT for my marriage, despite my circumstance.

My heart was softened as I walked about, and entered the graveyard. Each stone represented so clearly, the battle they believed that they gave their life for! The Lord questioned me. Would I stand in hope, would I battle and endure despite the cost?

 It was not an answer that came easy.

I had to face the reality of the pain that cut to the very core of my being....the abandonment, embarrassment, the anger, and most importantly the choice to guard my heart against bitterness and blame. Did I have hope? Barely a glimmer...My mind was set on I'm content to be alone for the rest of my days, I didn't need a broken man.

The Lord didn't push me, or make me feel guilt, instead he revealed his Love. The truth of what Love really is. He showed me his scars, he opened my blind eyes to see. The death he endured, he did for even those who choose Him not...and as I came into understanding of what it would cost me...

I raised my hands to surrender as I stood looking out at the vast battlefield--
              (yes this photo is actually me my son took it)

I will do it for you Lord. Only for you...


because you showed me the TRUTH of Love!!

Today I have an abundance of hope,
as I trust in Love!
As I stand in the midst of the battle
as Love fights for me--

 Love does not gloat over other people's sins but takes its delight in the truth!

Love always hopes-
always endures!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

the art of LOVE

artofLOVE by paintYOURworld
artofLOVE, a photo by paintYOURworld on Flickr.
                          altered polaroid series

O le a le uiga o le  alofa? 
What is love?

I  had not really pondered on this question much, until I was asked it by the Creator himself. I thought I knew and I tried to explain to  him my answer...then He opened my blind eyes!
....I realized what thought was love, was actually an impostor. I had no idea, what love cost, nor was I truly willing to pay that price.

If your asking yourself that question, especially as Valentines Day approaches, I dare you to ask God.

What is Love, {and does my life display it?}

Especially for those that are hard to love.... 

and more so for those you may take for granted....

You might just be incredibly surprised at His answer. I was!

My whole life has since changed! 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Surrounded by beauty

Surrounded by beauty by paintYOURworld
Surrounded by beauty, a photo by paintYOURworld on Flickr.

I love my beautiful four legged neighbors.......

waking to them, makes my heart swell

connecting spirit to spirit-

i don't have adequate words....

their beauty soothes the soul.

howdy neighbor

Thursday, February 9, 2012



Everyday the sunrises beautifully!
Each new day I go about my life familiar
with what I know,
my world is reliable.
I expect the sun to rise, and for it to set.

Today is today,
tomorrow is another day,
rinse and repeat.

Now imagine with me,
beautiful sunshine filled days,
not just for one day,
but all day,
every week,
every month,
every year!
{Sounds perfect right!}
So now, I (we are imagining together so you too)
have come to rely on the sun
to shine.
It is what we know~
our weather is predictable.
According to our
sunny days are great!
Dwell on that for a minute....

did you catch that
there has NEVER been
a rain forming cloud in the sky!

Its SUNNY all day, every day!
In this perspective, life is good
I am happy,
I do what I want.
I enjoy the beautiful weather
without thought,
without consequence.
I am comfortable.

the Creator of the Earth
is coming.

He wants me,(you, us)
to prepare for


What does RAIN look like?
What does it feel like?
What value does it have to my life?
I mean, will I like the rain?
I don't know RAIN!
I only know the sun!
I am comfortable with the sun.
I don't really want things to change.

I know the Creator,
I trust Him~
if he says it must come,
I will prepare for the rain
hmmm I may just
love the rain~

So I tell others,
the Creator says
its going to rain!!

The Creator says
its gonna
make all things new~

BUT No one believes me-
they have never heard of
the rain,
they laugh,
they feel sorry for me
they think I have gone
Sunny days come and go,
there is no rain in sight

but it doesn't stop me....

I am waiting for the RAIN!!

It's about to RAIN!!
Let it RAIN!!

The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Monday, February 6, 2012