Thursday, December 25, 2008


I just came back from Haiti on Saturday and brought the best Christmas present back with me!! SHE'S HOME!!

kiss daddy




WE all JUST can't get enough of her....especially DADDY! we have to remind him..SHE's HOME NOW and don't make her ROTTEN! LOL if you'd like to read more details of her story i'm slowly chronicling the whole thing here on her blog

Monday, December 8, 2008

my birssday present and thoughts

my birssday present

got it over a week ago and its SO lookin purdy! i've been wanting it for a few years...always putting it off cause off the spending on myself thing is hard to do ya know! i knew once i did it i would want another one right away! i've actually been working on one for my other hand for awhile but don't have it quite figured out design wise, so i got the sun and moon because it goes with the one i'm working on. in the meantime i was inspired by a mendhi flower i recently seen so i've drawn something pretty to wrap around my pinky and then go up the side by the moon and up on my top part of my arm....i'll get that transfered but not sure when i'll actually get it. i of course don't want anything for christmas except for my girls to come home!!! i just can't justify any xtra spending till their home! that won't stop me from designing it though. i usually forgo any presents for birthdays/christmas anyhow cause i just don't want a whole lot for myself...i'm just so blessed and content with what i have! my husband still can't stand NOT getting me anything, its taken many years to get him to understand i completely LOVE things found. REALLY. he'll totally do that...but then STILL insist on what i WANT besides that. i repeatedly say, i want things that you just can't buy. he'll smile usually but on occasion just sigh. i'm thankful he really does get it, i'm sure its so hard to be my husband!! he does try so hard, and sometimes it drives him crazy, yet its a good thing to be loved so!

today i get dieunika's paperwork in order and all set to go next week to Haiti. i wanted to go this week, but just don't think we can get everything we need done paperwork wise, not to mention outrageous fairs!! We have another fundraiser this Sat. Our uncle's polynesian dance group will be performing a full luau dinner show. $20 gets you in!! I'll be posting the flyer later. If your local and want to come drop me a line!

And so another day to be thankful

Last nights event was so awesome! A HUUUUGE Thank YOU to the Selah Venue,Nick & Stephanie, the Reed Family, all the bands who played,the Warriors and Fire Dancers, Tom Clark, Kathy and Mari, Maria & Gloria, Jordan and everyone who generously gave!! Thank You for being apart of our journey!! We are so very grateful, there just aren't enough words.

I've started a seperate blog

Going back and getting more into details, for those who wanna know.

Much Alofa from the heart of my family!