Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All you are, experience and ultimately achieve can be traced back to how you have made use of these two simple yet vastly powerful tools-your words and your thoughts. -Dr. Cindy Trimm

WORDS ARE POWERFUL. What begins in your mind most often becomes you. Over the past year I have endure great hardship and loss. So many times my thoughts were filled with questions. Many went unanswered. There were moments I did not have the strength to get out of bed, yet I had to!! I did not give up, despite times of weariness! I kept fighting back with my words, with Divine Words. The Creator spoke into the unformed void darkness the existence of LIGHT! Do you get that, it was unformed, a VOID darkness! It began with a void! Do you have a void in your life right now? I know I have been facing this VOID for over a year now. I have been speaking to it! I questioned hey VOID are YOU LISTENING~I'm COMING OUT AlIVE! YES I'm speaking to you DARKNESS- to all the lies I've been told, to all the lies told about me, to all the doubts, to all the doubters! The silence that I've been captured in is NO MORE! I have authority with the TRUTH. Not a version of the truth, but the fullness of TRUTH. i AM A CREATED being created in the image of the


That means I have the power to speak things like he does!
. Yes we each have that very same authority given by the Creator to us! You must understand the power of the spoken word, YOUR spoken words!

What occupy's your mind determines what eventually fills your mouth, your outer world showcases all that has dominated, and at times subjugated your inner world. -Dr. Cindy Trimm

I recently heard Dr. Trimm speak on her book Command your Morning. If you follow that link you can read the first chapter. It has some good stuff there! I haven't read the whole book, but listening to her speak encouraged me, so I imagine her written word would as well!

I have been writing and creating in the midst of my chaos. Not just one chaos, a host of chaos. Some of it still raging. Despite it all, I have and will continue to walk THROUGH the valley of deep darkness into MY LIGHT. I found at times, my spirit was silent in great expectation, and often very still in my Maker's presence. He is the greatest inspiration! I can't wait to share more with you!

If you are in the midst of a VOID. HOLD ON and SPEAK to your darkness! If you can't find the strength to speak, reach out to someone who can be your voice, till your strong enough on your own! OR USE THESE the CREATORS WORDS to get you started!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Let me be a seal upon your heart

Often things, or relationships must die, in order for them to experience resurrection. Each of us are beautifully flawed. We all encounter struggles. No one is exempt. We have moments of the realization that despite giving all, it was simply not enough. Many people want to hide the rawness, the brokeness, pain and sorrow. Yes there are often a time this is best. There are also too many times the darkness must be exposed, so the light can destroy that which was hidden. If darkness is allowed to remain silent it has no purpose. When one isolates themselves into darkness they are allowing it to stay. Maybe not consciously, but it is permission granted none the less. We are not alone, sorrow, pain and neglect are not subject to a certain class. We all must pass through this on some level.

I feel lead to share my struggles simply because I know I am not alone. I know there are many others who are or have been where I am. Ache and loss is great. However they are not greater than the Divine. I want you see that I've gathered all my broken pieces, instead of sweeping them under and away, I'm going to lay them out. Why? Because when I brought them to my Rescuer and laid them down at his feet. He motioned for me to pick them up one by one. The first piece was jagged and sharp, it left cuts on my hands as I put it in His. What I saw as He closed His palm and what what revealed at the relase of His grip, made my eyes WIDE with delight at the revelation. When he released it to me, and entered it into my being, I gasped and staggered at the strength that filled my core. His powerfully Majestic voice echoed through out me. "Do not replace a promise for a lie"

Let me be a seal upon your heart,
Like the seal upon your hand
For love is fierce as death
Passion is mighty as Sheol
Its darts are darts of fire,
A blazing flame
Vast floods cannot quench love
Nor river drown it
If a man offered all his wealth for love
He would be laughed to scorn.
the songs 8: 6-7

Let me be a seal upon your heart.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

fall. love.favorite
orange, black, and kitty!!!
its my new wallpaper

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

W.O.W moment

We are responsible for the stories we tell and for those we choose not tell. Our silences speak volumes about whom and what we value. - Rabbi Sandy Eiseenberg Sasso

Most often I choose silence in respect of differences. Quite often this gives the wrong impression. It can say, I agree with you, your opinion has more value or truth, I'm absorbing what you said, I am weak, well you get the idea. In the area of my life that this currently applies to, its none of the above. Timing is important. It is not weakness, it actually takes a DIVINE strength to keep my mouth shut! The most incredible part is, when you are released from silence, it has this poetic revival of solace that dances amongst the rain. There is absolutely no force that can withhold the inextinguishable rejoicing!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Tsunami: Finding Friends and Family

Thanks to a wonderful Peace Corp volunteer, Sara, you can see a few photo's of my husbands village (click photo) .

Sara and some others kindly went out searching for families. She attempted to find my sister and her 8 children but wasn't able to as my sister had gone way up into the bush (or the forest) out of fear. She's about an hour-n-half walk from the main road that passes through the village. The volunteers did attempt to go up but after seeing people on their way up, they realized it was too far and soon ran into our cousin Tavita and passed on info that we were trying to contact them and even gave them a phonecard!

Compared to photo's of a well known village and beach resort about 20 minutes away this looks amazingly good! This one below absolutely amazes me, you'll notice the ground is completely gouged and the coconut trees are standing by their roots only!!!

This photo is taken by Bryan Russel of Raw Shakti Yoga. They have gone out before international aide arrived to those who had not been helped. Thank you, thank you for helping the unseen! You can see their daily video's if you follow the you tube video below.

We fortunately got to speak to my sister around 4:30 a.m Saturday for over and hour!! It was the best phone call as she even laughed quite abit and all I could do was smile too knowing she could find her laughter in such tragedy!

She's most likely staying in tents like this

(photo by Bryan Russell)

She did however say she is NOT coming back down to what once was her home (although there is nothing left she says anyhow, they lived seaside). We are planning to go to Samoa asap and that lifted her spirits, she said when we come she may go down with us and thats it. We are hoping to be able to build a new house for her, inland of course, we are planning to stay too. It only takes a moment to realize your too far away and life is too short to be apart any longer, it was an quick and easy decision.

She lives about 10 minutes from where (the first photograph by Sara) was taken in Saleaaumua. That photograph happens to be the home of a family who lost their mum. Apparently she thought it was safe after the first wave to return, so she was going back for this van (behind the tree) and her purse. She happened to own a store, so wanted to go back for her money. Unfortunately she did not know there was more waves coming in and lost her life. We are so sorry for her family, our family. (Everyone who lives in the village are related) The head of meteorology stated the first wave came in a 7:20 and the second more destructive one at 7:30.

We also lost several aunties and cousins in our village. We seen their names officially listed on the They had a burial for all, together. Funerals in Samoan culture is an extraordinary communal experience all itself with formal traditions and ceremonies that are not ever taken lightly. To have to have them all as one is not so respectful. Not forgetting that it is also well celebrated by food and considering the circumstances and current lack of the ability to fish, it is in no way normal. They also bury their dead in their yard, usually you will see a well decorated grave marking passing by. I read online that the government will be making a memorial graveyard in the city (Apia). This is also highly unusual for Samoan's to release their dead to others. My sister said the stench of decay was terrible and she was perturbed that some went back down with their children, to stay.

My sisters (brother-in-law) lost his wife and four children to the ocean. My heart completely aches for him.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

when love speaks

If you've been reading my blog for awhile you may know my husband is from the beautiful Pacific Islands of Samoa. His family resides on the breathtaking SouthEastern coast of Upolu in the district of Aleipata. If you step out the back door of their fale, within feet you'll be in water.

Yesterday a tsunami struck the beautiful people of Samoa. A distraught phone call from our niece living stateside informed us that her mother had run screaming first alerting the village and then frantically running for her life toward the school where her children were on their way. Her oldest son was already off in the distance working the land. The whole village ran toward the mountain for higher ground. This occurred @ 6:30 a.m. We were driving to a birthday dinner with friends when we received the phone call. I could tell by the drop in my husband's face right after he said hello that there was disturbing news.

I tried desperately to help my husband curb his fears by stating it was good news that he at least knew she was alive. I asked about her children. She currently has 7 living with her from ages 24-6. Her husband had recently passed away. He responded with one of them is missing, he's in another village (Lalomanu) with her husbands family. His niece stated that during the phone call all her mom could do was sob in concern for him and then they lost connection.

After many failed attempts to contact her ourselves, we tried to talk ourselves into not panicking. Ok i tried, my husband was too overwhelmed. I kept finding positives. At least we had some contact with her, the kids are alive!! I could tell he was absorbed with knowing they had no warning, imagining the fear and panic, the aftermath, its was all too much.

We had no idea at the time of any details of the quake and its aftermath. I watched my husband for the next few hours break the phone circuits at lighting speed, alerting all our local samoan friends and family, trying to find out more info.

My husband was emotionally exhausted from not knowing, and he eventually went to bed around 1 a.m. I knew he would not really sleep without talking to her.

I walked quietly into our bedroom knowing he was still awake despite his eyes closed, so I sat on the bed dialing her number over and over, praying desperately. I didn't get a circuit busy recording! After about 4 tries of calling and absolutely no ringing, just silence...I found hope in that I wasn't getting a recording. As I dialed one last time - she answered!!! I smacked my husband fully awake and said TALK in fear the connection wouldn't last! As soon as he said her name she began speed talking, I could hear but not make out what she was saying she was talking so fast! After they talked for a few minutes, and lots of one syllable reactions from my husband, and even several different moments of him yelling her name to get her to stop her obsessive speed talking, so he could ask questions, I could tell he was about to lose it. He began to sob uncontrollably. I could hear her say please don't cry, its going to make it even harder for me. Since I could hear her talking and he couldn't over his own sobbing I kept trying to get him to calm down so he could actually talk to her about the others, knowing the phone call could end at any moment. He later told me he was trying to get his older nephew, (in his 20's) to talk to him, and he wouldn't or he couldn't speak because he was in tears. He said he could hear the other kids saying, uncle please come!! He felt completely powerless.

His nephew had just returned from going back to the house to try to gather some things. Apparently they couldn't get close because the water was still covering everything, and the house was completely gone. Elisa (his sister) gave him an account of who was known to be dead, and those still missing. Because of some of his family still not knowing who and what, I won't be sharing any details out of respect. She did say they had word that her son was ok even tho he was in Lalomanu (which we have seen absolutely devastating photos of complete destruction). She said that there were bodies still being discovered as they were covered in the sand and water. She stated that many of them had ran in all sorts of directions toward the mountain, and they were presently sleeping in the bush. She also said, a few had turned around to go back for their personals and lost their lives. I'm guessing this was after the first wave.

Their whole village has been destroyed.

Friday, September 25, 2009

its worth the risk!

I have been on a road that has been uncomfortable for quite awhile. Although I'm not uncomfortable in the spiritual sense. In the spiritual realm I'm dwelling in the peaceful shelter of My Refuge, despite the chaos surrounding me. Does this make sense?

I was reading over at Essential Prose and came across the post with the question above. I have had this knowing in my spirit that my familiar has long gone, and it isn't planning on returning. Even though I do like to take great risks and I don't bow to fear in the negative, I have come to this GRAND canyon. A vast empty and deep space that is so much bigger than me. I'm standing at the edge, agreeing this is remarkably unfamiliar now, knowing that I must not settle for comfortable any longer, and still yet I hesitate. There are times when I long to go back to the comfortable, even though I know there is no true security in it. As I stand here before the canyon, observing the enormous expanse, my natural eye is overwhelmed. There is a hovering silence of the unknown. My breathing echoes in my ears. Sometimes it is louder than I can bear and it hurts my head. I've leapt over previous familiars though compared to this monster, they were obviously only cracks. There is NO way that I can leap over this one.

Now this is where I wish I could translate my spiritual state to the natural! I have approached moments recently where my natural being starts screaming, pounding and stomping !!ENOUGH!!, and I momentarily lose focus. My natural says don't fall into the expanse!! My spiritual says, you must go in the depths to get across. CONFLICT! The warfare ensues! I find myself tangled in the beauty of being the created.

I am a piece of the Master Creator, therefore I also find comfort in knowing that I am only the created. I do not need to be in control, despite my survival demanding it. If I look at it through the Creators eyes I see most often my "uncomfortable" is a brush stroke that He simply has not completed.

If you are an artist, you will relate to this. You start a piece and are totally consumed by it, flowing freely and THEN suddenly by outside interference you lose your vision. Do you stop here? Can you come back to it? Do you just move on? What if you try to go back to where you stopped and yet you can't seem to pick up where you left off? Do you accept that you can go no further? Do you shut the world out and demand that you be left alone to pursue your vision? What do you do? What do you do when the limits of being the created, pursue you? Do you stand at the expanse and let it overwhelm you? Or will you allow the Creator the freedom to use your life, completing you, the whole work in His own time? I am so content in that His creativity does not have the limits that mine does. The expanse is part of His creation too. It defies logic. It defies reason. It does however have purpose.

So as I stand, looking out at the expanse searching, one thing I know for sure is that I can't go back. I have to leave what is familiar behind so I can move beyond my comfort, even if I must go down in the depths. Yes, I must brave into the deep unknown. I can't remain standing here much longer, its time to take the next step. He awaits patiently.

I know I'm not alone. He is omnipresent. His name unspeakable. He is even greater than the expanse before me. His omnipotence defies my limits, of this I am confident. The Creator speaks loudly by His creation before me; "It is undiscovered and unknown to you, yet the view is breathtaking. Come let me show you, its all worth the risk. Trust me. "

And so here I begin preparing for the unknown.
I'll share my journey with you in more detail
as it begins to disentangle.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

everyone needs a tiki!!

One look at this guy makes me mirror his smile!! Makes ya just wanna shake your hips yah?

Give love to a tiki today! Or better yet create one! If your not the creative type then just have a look round here, you'll surely be inspired!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


as i was reading this morning these words strengthened me.

God is my shield,
saving those whose hearts are true and right.

there are people who think up evil
and plan trouble
and tell lies
they dig a hole to trap others
but they will fall into it themselves
they will get themselves into trouble
the violence they cause will hurt only themselves.

i praise the lord because He does what is right.
I sing praises to the Lord Most High
-psalm 7:10, 14-17

isn't that powerful and encouraging!!
God just keeps me in awe of His beauty!

i know some of you may not understand or know the situation at hand
and it may be even more difficult to not get caught up in gossip
yet if you are even somewhat aware or if you really know me
you must realize
i will not respond to hatred with hatred, nor gossip with gossip,
or fear and intimidation the same.
these characteristics are not what i aspire too.
i have nothing to hide-
the truth is what it is
i will respond only in trusting My Shield
--- to reveal the truth at the right time, and for the right reasons.

Friday, August 28, 2009

the Healer, He walks with ME through fire

i have endured ENOUGH judgemental religion
for a lifetime
and i'm realllllllly sick of others wanting me to fit
their "specs"
i find it extremely sad that there are those
whose acceptance is conditional on what THEY approve!!
well YOU've MESSED with the wrong gal darlin!

and i am NOT ashamed!
i am a creation of the CREATOR
who gives someone the authority
to condemn HIS creation?
those who want to judge
may not want to mess with

If you've endured such religious bull
I want you to know that the Messiah
is NOT a condemner!
You are so incredibly important to God
so much so that He came to be your Healer!
He came not for the majority, but for the one
that might be on the outside.
He came for you, He came for me.
Just as you are.
PLEASE DONT allow someone to bully you into isolation
or into believing that you must perform,look or be like "X"
to be accepted or good enough for God
this is a "HUMAN" flaw
it IS NOT a requirement of
the Annointed One,
Jesus, the Messiah
of this i am without a doubt!!

He walks with ME through FIRE
He'll do it for you too.

Friday, July 24, 2009

sit still now!

this poor pitiful Gothiemon looks really p' o'd! yeah it really didn't like its picture taken so much so it put my card reader in my dirty pants pocket and then washed and ruined it. err ok maybe that was me, but he's still pissed off and i had to remember to go get a new card reader and darn that is just tooo hard when i really just want to stay home and sew!!

thats my story and i'm stickin to it!

anyhow if you're a buy nothing holiday kind a gal or guy then this mon fits your wallet & creative circuit! or better yet keep 'em for yourself. word to the wise, though he doesn't really do laundry!

so its a giveaway if you haven't already figured that out! leave a comment or ya can email me and i'll draw yer names on sunday evening.

also if you just like to win lots of cool stuff you should also check out for a mega giveaway!

OR if you're just addicted to _etsy_ and wanna buy stuff the trashion team is having lots of SALES going on! simply search trashion team and you'll come up with some cool eco friendly items at a bargain of a price. MY shop has 20% off the already low prices. i even listed a few new things!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

remember the gothieMon's


i've been cleaning my sewing area.

*faints into fabric piles and awakens with a gothieMon on my head*

yes these little gremlins have been running amuck
and can you believe it they made that horrible mess in there!!?
--i SURE didn't!!!

yes they are that naughty....and therefore i must give one away.

as soon as i lasso that buggah for a photo, he'll be posted here for giveaway.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

owls and phones

i was organizing my old flickr photo's and found a photo of the studio wall with the phone collage i was talking about in my last post. not a great photo of it but you can see

if you look reallll close
its the 5X7 white canvas

love this wall!

also you see these FABULOUS 70's owls i found years ago. they were the inspiration for the wall.
years ago i was sorting and selling a ladies estate that had passed away and she had her lifetime collection of owls. oh man how i wished i could have had them all!

here's my owl wish list!

these fabulous earrings

this awesome shirt

these adorable cuties

this amazing pendant

there are so many cool owl pendants its so hard to pick just one!

and i love these fabrics pouches!

and actually so many cute owl things that i could go on & on!

ok i better stop before my greed overcomes me!

shoot (or hoot!) i'm inspired now...i'm gonna go draw some owls!

Friday, May 29, 2009

love the camera!

etsy's featured seller is an adorable felt maker!
i love love love
love love
did i say love
her camera &

especially her phone creations!
course i don't have an iphone
so i'd probably use it as wallet!

i'd LOVE to have this orange one!

i have a good collection of old camera & phone photos & books.
and a black & white collage (with a touch of orange)
that i did years ago featuring a vintage phone
and its prolly my favorite. its on my studio wall-hmmmm
ya might be able to see it in a photo i have on my site
of the studio walls. oops nope. i'll have to take a photo
of it sometime. i really need to take better photo's of
the studio anyways. its always messy, more like a fabric store

SPEAKING of LOVE, ya gotta LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabulous
redheaded gal, miss Fish. cuz she sent me a HUGE BOX of
creative LOVE.
thank you so much sweet thang it was such a
perfectly timed surprise!!
go read her blog, she's always got something
fun going on!! and a new book out too!

Monday, April 27, 2009

12 years and all i get is this stinkin tattoo!

my anniversary present

april 18th was my 12 year anniversary! this was my present. i wanted it to have a sun, the taulima (samoan design) and to come down on my foot. i had no idea what he was gonna do...once i seen it -i loved it--although at the end i knew it also had to have the eye! its my favorite part! you can see close ups on my flickr....just click the photo.

my dh got a sweeeeeeeet one too, although i haven't uploaded it yet.

and THEN as a bonus i got another one a few days ago cuz the ink was out and no one wanted to sit down! (someone changed their mind)
hey ya don't have to tell me twice!! i grabbed a drawing i'd thought about getting inked and nephi (kerry's nephew) rocked it!

new ink on my inner arm

its supa cool when you have a nephew who is a tattoo artist!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

i used to be plain.

i love wearing apron style tops, halters, dresses, flip flops oh my! its one of the perks of living in florida! i've been making my own clothes for years.

apron style tops

i remember in high school, sitting upstairs in my grandmothers sewing room/turned into my room, talking on the rotary dial phone telling a boyfriend i made my own clothes. he was like really, you do a good job! i wish i did -i totally took credit for some store bought stuff!! *snort*

i even took sewing in high school, course i couldn't follow a pattern for the life of me! i still remember the funky (not a good funky) teacher! dang i forget her name, but she had this permanent scowl on her face and not just from looking at what i made! course i really only made a few of them, most of them were altered and had this complete everything had to match insanity going on, even down to the socks! i remember thinking man i wish i could just wear whatever color i wanted and be Free! for some reason i thought i "couldn't" wear the loud colors i wanted. i wanted to blend in instead of stand out, especially in our small town! i really really tried hard to blend in and be plain...or at least my version of plain. thank GOD now i could CARE less and i'm finally FREE of that mentality that i can't be loud!! WHO CARES IF MY CLOTHES SCREAM! THEY MAKE ME HAPPY!

i've been having some fun making dieunika tops. so much so i've started to make some to sell. the girl loves to have her photo taken! i've put some up on my etsy if ya want to have a peek. i pray my gal is FREE to be and wear whatever she wants too, hopefully it will still be the clothes i make! or maybe she'll make her own!


Monday, April 13, 2009

where are you going?

i couldn't help but wonder where the Hulk was going?

Friday, April 3, 2009

GOOD JOB or aka getting the GOODY!!

i have caught myself quite often lately saying this to Dieunika. every time i say it, i freeze! dang where is it coming from! she is working through so many emotions, and together we're trying to help her see we love her for who she is, to be herself, to stop being fake and doing "cute" to get approval and attention. i have to be better at my words!!! i have to stop and evaluate and take a good look in the mirror.

how are you with words?
how are you at allowing yourself to be _you_, the real you?


Sunday, March 29, 2009

things that remain

i awoke to the sweet melodies the birds were singing this morning. before my eyes even opened their beautiful music rushed into my ears. i lay silent, eyes closed, listening....breathing all the purity in. creation is truly amazing. the way everything operates and proceeds; the days keep on, the nights follow and the heartbeat of the earth keeps thumping. its all too easy to get caught up in the everyday. as much as i try to be aware and connected in relationship to that which is the most important; quite often i fall short. there isn't enough of me, to do all that i love so i must keep boundaries and balance in order to keep focused. quite often nature forces you into positions you'd rather not be, yet as the sunsets, so it will rise again. it may be dark for a time, yet that does not mean the light does not exist. there is light that breaks the darkness....and when you've been in the dark for awhile there is nothing as refreshing as the light! Thank you, my Creator, for the light!!

the very next day after my last post about my family being mine, and no one being able to steal them from me. the reality of those fighting words came to blows. i watched my sweet and yet feisty grandmother in her frail frame kick death in the teeth. this is the scar, the evidence of the fight.

big scar

she had gone down the steep stairs to her basement laundry room to fetch some clothes from the dryer. my handsome choctaw grandfather noticed she had been gone for quite a time, so he had gone to check on her. he found her standing still at the very top, laundry basket in hand, left side of her face drooping. he walked her to a chair, and told her he was calling the ambulance. she slurred, "what for?" he replied "because i don't want you to die." she ended up having a massive blood clot removed from her brain.

my tall, once raven haired grandfather, is a calm and quiet man. i have never heard his voice raised in anger or hatred and he always keeps his emotions in reserve. as we were standing over my grandmothers hospital bed i watched his dark eyes full of deep concern, look at his true love. scared and broken. she had no idea he was there. pausing in that moment; i could not imagine him without her. my heart ached at the thought.

as the sunset and rose again, i saw my grandmother not at her weakest, but at her strongest!! by looking at her small frame, shaven head and still struggling to understand her words, one might think she is weak. yet the words that came out fiercely were this "17 yrs ago i beat cancer, i can beat this too!"

there is no learning with out pain.


The pain passes but the beauty remains.
---- pierre auguste renoir

Monday, March 16, 2009

THANK YOU self righteous and judgmental people

it has been soooo beautiful here, so we've been enjoying lots of refreshing days at the beach. although today wasn't as sunny, but it was still refreshing!

boys who won't sit still for a photo!
big brudder

we've really needed it too as we've been really hammered by all kinds of circumstances trying to steal our joy and our family!! sorry ya just can't have 'em!! i KNOW what belongs to me!


daddy singing to the baby!

why she goes to the beach

will she swim? more than before this time it lasted only a few minutes!

i'm pretty slow to respond to anger yet man mess with my family--> that will motivate you've never seen!! over muuuuuch time i've become a incredibly patient person. really that is something that is soooooo _not natural_ for me and for those who know me now and have not seen how far i've come from.....really if you knew, you'd be surprised!! my temper used to throttle in about .3 seconds! i've been changed and rearranged- a total different person! thank you JESUS! if i relied on my own strength i'd probably pull some punches....right now mostly because self righteous and judgmental people REALLY REALLY get my panties in a big fat wad!! ....and most always it comes from those who are so "religious" and don't truly know me nor have taken the time to know me!! i'd like to say get to know me, or simply ASK me- i have nothing to hide, nor be ashamed of!! do that BEFORE you judge from the outside! please please though keep telling me what i can't do or what i'm not --->BECAUSE if you only knew it all MAKES ME STRONGER in patience AND helps me grow wise(r)! i keep RUNNING to my Creator with my fists full of crap, gossip and justified anger....and like sand hitting the wind.....from my ashes BEAUTY rises!!

so really i must THANK YOU for that!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Frida Frida, where's your Frida?

if ya haven't quite figured it out yet, i love the artist Frida Kahlo.
if you've ever been to my house, that's not hard to figure out! LOL and to all my astonishment there are still some who have NO IDEA who she was!


ok i've recovered now LOL....

and if thats your case then you might not give a hoot that i'm about to list some of my personal favorite Frida assemblages!! it took quite a bit of wrestling to let them go....BUT ya know its for a good cause! our adoption of the girls are quite costly and actually quite overwhelming if thought of in the whole lump sum! which i try not to go there often and lets not even go into the emotional roller coaster!! its not for the weary let me tell ya!! despite that we KNOW all this , you JUST can't put a price tag on a child!!! YET the unfortunate reality is there is a great price to help children get what _every person_ deserves! The right to love, to be encouraged and believed in no matter what!! Did you grow up in safe place to be who you are? OR having the opportunity to be complete in a family whether by blood or adoption? i hope you did! if you didn't, its not too late to change your heritage! i know i had to overcome ALOT of abuse, and every step of it hasn't been easy! YET together with God, we have created a future of hope for my children and they don't have to suffer the deep hurts i did, and therefore my future children, grandchildren and the generations to come have HOPE and the freedom from that! now that is a heritage i'm proud to pass on!

i absolutely feel one should not have to ask money what can i do? but rather that _i_ tell money what i want it to do for me (for others, for you,us etc)! don't let money dictate to you! money especially does not qualify anyone to be family!! our daughters are worth every sacrifice and so we're taking it one step at a time! we know that our circumstances don't define who we are, so we focus forward, one step at a time and move towards our goal! I wholeheartedly thank you if you've blessed us financially, or even encouraged us and prayed with us through each step, you truly have no idea of our deep gratitude!

SO here's the scoop... you may ask what do i love so much about Frida? well to name just a few was her colorful image and how she painted herself through struggle, how she (attempted to) overcome her physical pain, and also knowing her emotional suffering in that she longed for a child. listed below here are photo's of my favorite 5 pieces of my assemblage art featuring her! if you'd like to win the chance to please use the donation button to enter any amount you wish. really any amount is appreciated!! together we make a difference!

frida altered shirt

i'll put all names in a hat and have my husband draw the winner next Sunday! i'll also throw in some other frida magnets & lil goodies. perfect for gift giving or treats for yourself! if you would (only cause i wanna know it doesn't relate to the drawing) please comment on what YOU love about frida!

frida assemblage

frida can can

frida altered shirt

remembering frida shirt

frida glasses

frida kahlo shrine

THANK YOU!! if you know of any FRIDA ART lovers please feel free to post a link to here or on your blog!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


i'm sorry for the late drawing.....i seriously lost track of my days as i was buried in adoption paperwork frustration!!

ANYHOW _the tiny jewel box_ email me your address she said she was yours darlin!!

foundthingsart AT yahoo with a dot and a com

Sunday, February 22, 2009

the grown up coloring book or if you must a ZINE

the grown up coloring book

use it as a glue book

i've finally come clean....i've been wanting a grown up coloring book for quite awhile. i decided i should share the love. you could call it a 20 page zine but its for colorin' darlin! you can use it as a pocket journal, gluebook or shoot just color outside the lines baby! the cover is a nice cardstock. inside paper's vary as i'm using a variety of recycled papers for FUNNESS. yes its a word!!

this one is different and its only available on my etsy


Dieunika painted the cover!

Friday, February 20, 2009

and now a giveaway!

tie purse giveaway!

this funky lil purse wants to be YOURS! yes she told me herself! so comment here and i'll draw out a name on Monday!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

and the WINNER IS.........

thank you so much to those who donated! i'm super happy to announce that this fabulously creative jewelry maker and sweet lovin mama won!!


here's a BIG KISS from us to you for those who donated, and be watching your mailbox for a surprise too!!

i've been having a fabulous time in the studio lately and not able to fully complete things because my mind is overflowing with ideas see, and they just wants to run ahead all wild and crazy! its a good & kinda overwhelming too i tell ya!

also seeing that i really need to CLEAN the studio is distracting me. that is NOT normal, believe me i could create in an avalanche! ANYHOW to avoid really cleaning and because I LOVE to be a giver too...i'll be GIVING some art away next (and trying to finish the video i started)!!

OH and i just have to has been beauitful outside lately. A few weeks back it very cold for us Floridians, so cold in fact that alot of my plants and garden DIED. my eggplants, hot red peppers, tomato's and even some sweet potato's. it was a SAD day really. to MY delight there is still some GREEN in the gardens though! i can't wait to enjoy these babies!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009


remember the doll named love? well she inspired me to write her story, my daughters stories and more! you'll be seeing lots of her soon in a whole nother way! she's becoming a series of kids books and more! here is what she looks like in character hand drawn on a kids white T! all this loot picture below is included for a raffle for adoption fundraising-YES including the T-shirt. donate any amount you'd like to win! i'll be drawing the winner next week!

shirt for raffle adoption fundraising

be love t-shirt

kids t-shirt 95% cotton 5% spandex
size 6X white....great to dye or leave it as it is!
the loot also includes:
a mixed media gothie on recycled wood piece
(large piece in back)
small coin purse/or cell phone holder crocheted by my lil hands
handmade peppermint soap by this cutie
a funky cool skull felt pin!
a cute lil stuffed plushie art doll
a mini print fabric art plush (featuring my original tribal dolls)
an original drawing/paper doll on a card
a mixed media doll-has a magnet on back, can go on fridge

more loot

the loot
so there's an awesome lot of LOOT for your artistic pleasure, gifts or you can even use some of it for your own adoption fundraising! for close up's click the picture!

adoption art raffle


the cheesiest

Monday, February 9, 2009

reach for bleach


wanna feel bleachy clean?? heck NO don't do the laundry!! have fun with some boring ol clothes!

the new Altered Couture has my article on pages 118-120 plus many other fab artwork! go check it out man!

Friday, February 6, 2009

NOT your ordinary valentine!

be MY freak valentine

STILL TIME to get an embellished individual print of my original drawings featuring "my purdy lil freaks" $3 (with shipping) OR a set 6 of cards- these pictured are mini sized aprrox 3x4 $6 -each has handmade/recycled envies inside reads "be MY freak"

available on or comment!

Friday, January 30, 2009

fresh ink

fresh ink

this is the tattoo i drew up awhile back. they look awesome thanks to stacie of the right side is still a work in progress, i have a creepy little bird and some hebrew to put on it. now every time i draw it will inspire me!