Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All you are, experience and ultimately achieve can be traced back to how you have made use of these two simple yet vastly powerful tools-your words and your thoughts. -Dr. Cindy Trimm

WORDS ARE POWERFUL. What begins in your mind most often becomes you. Over the past year I have endure great hardship and loss. So many times my thoughts were filled with questions. Many went unanswered. There were moments I did not have the strength to get out of bed, yet I had to!! I did not give up, despite times of weariness! I kept fighting back with my words, with Divine Words. The Creator spoke into the unformed void darkness the existence of LIGHT! Do you get that, it was unformed, a VOID darkness! It began with a void! Do you have a void in your life right now? I know I have been facing this VOID for over a year now. I have been speaking to it! I questioned hey VOID are YOU LISTENING~I'm COMING OUT AlIVE! YES I'm speaking to you DARKNESS- to all the lies I've been told, to all the lies told about me, to all the doubts, to all the doubters! The silence that I've been captured in is NO MORE! I have authority with the TRUTH. Not a version of the truth, but the fullness of TRUTH. i AM A CREATED being created in the image of the


That means I have the power to speak things like he does!
. Yes we each have that very same authority given by the Creator to us! You must understand the power of the spoken word, YOUR spoken words!

What occupy's your mind determines what eventually fills your mouth, your outer world showcases all that has dominated, and at times subjugated your inner world. -Dr. Cindy Trimm

I recently heard Dr. Trimm speak on her book Command your Morning. If you follow that link you can read the first chapter. It has some good stuff there! I haven't read the whole book, but listening to her speak encouraged me, so I imagine her written word would as well!

I have been writing and creating in the midst of my chaos. Not just one chaos, a host of chaos. Some of it still raging. Despite it all, I have and will continue to walk THROUGH the valley of deep darkness into MY LIGHT. I found at times, my spirit was silent in great expectation, and often very still in my Maker's presence. He is the greatest inspiration! I can't wait to share more with you!

If you are in the midst of a VOID. HOLD ON and SPEAK to your darkness! If you can't find the strength to speak, reach out to someone who can be your voice, till your strong enough on your own! OR USE THESE the CREATORS WORDS to get you started!