Sunday, August 30, 2009


as i was reading this morning these words strengthened me.

God is my shield,
saving those whose hearts are true and right.

there are people who think up evil
and plan trouble
and tell lies
they dig a hole to trap others
but they will fall into it themselves
they will get themselves into trouble
the violence they cause will hurt only themselves.

i praise the lord because He does what is right.
I sing praises to the Lord Most High
-psalm 7:10, 14-17

isn't that powerful and encouraging!!
God just keeps me in awe of His beauty!

i know some of you may not understand or know the situation at hand
and it may be even more difficult to not get caught up in gossip
yet if you are even somewhat aware or if you really know me
you must realize
i will not respond to hatred with hatred, nor gossip with gossip,
or fear and intimidation the same.
these characteristics are not what i aspire too.
i have nothing to hide-
the truth is what it is
i will respond only in trusting My Shield
--- to reveal the truth at the right time, and for the right reasons.

Friday, August 28, 2009

the Healer, He walks with ME through fire

i have endured ENOUGH judgemental religion
for a lifetime
and i'm realllllllly sick of others wanting me to fit
their "specs"
i find it extremely sad that there are those
whose acceptance is conditional on what THEY approve!!
well YOU've MESSED with the wrong gal darlin!

and i am NOT ashamed!
i am a creation of the CREATOR
who gives someone the authority
to condemn HIS creation?
those who want to judge
may not want to mess with

If you've endured such religious bull
I want you to know that the Messiah
is NOT a condemner!
You are so incredibly important to God
so much so that He came to be your Healer!
He came not for the majority, but for the one
that might be on the outside.
He came for you, He came for me.
Just as you are.
PLEASE DONT allow someone to bully you into isolation
or into believing that you must perform,look or be like "X"
to be accepted or good enough for God
this is a "HUMAN" flaw
it IS NOT a requirement of
the Annointed One,
Jesus, the Messiah
of this i am without a doubt!!

He walks with ME through FIRE
He'll do it for you too.