Thursday, March 6, 2008

so much to share-so little time

i've been going non stop with the GOOD LIFE
so much i got going on i want to share-more later

but really i finally had to report on

the GReAT Exchange~~

it was awesome!
scissors,glue, sewing OH MY!

future fashion designer
so much fun was had!

creativity,inspiration, ENERGY
people taking clothes home by the garbage bag,
kids, moms and EvEN DADS not wanting to leave!


i was so busy i only got a few pictures and most of them BAD! grrrrr


i was completely thrown when my almost 13 yr old
who never really gets into the whole altered clothing thing
or tooo much creativity with mom (and her events)
usually just watches or whatever kind of thing
was SO INSPIRED to create this AND be in the FASHION show!!

i didn't even see it (or have a thing to do with HIS inspiration) until it was done!
maybe this is the key-stay away and he'll find his thing!
i never push, just suggest and leave it...learned that quick!
ANYHOW he let me take a picture too!! woooohoooo


i LOVE this photo-they found great stuff and dressed up! i found them in this room posing!! haha

we had 2 sewing stations-and they were busy!! there are actually BOYS sitting at the first machine-the one is making a skirt-he actually wore it out in the front of the building as they dressed up & went out to wave to get passer by's attention!!


this little blondie was extremely creative and SOOOO cute!


then on monday (25th) the boys and i ventured to a sand sculpting demo at the zoo. it was so cool!



afterwards we wandered about the zoo (i have issues with contained/caged animals although most of these were able to live in habitat but still the caged foxes and bobcats pacing suck!!) i get its about awareness & education.......

anyhow i'll save a rant

ANYHOW this gator totalllllllllly cracked me up. i couln't stop giggling!! he was froze in this position...although really they do that because they are hot and trying to cool off. follow my flickr to see how LARGE he was and we only had a small wood railing between us & about 10-15 feet.


sf said...

The exchange/alter party looks like it was a blast! Boys dressed and posing --- awesome! And the sand sculptures are rockin' ---
I get what you are saying aout the zoo --- I feel the same.

Hilaree said...

Hi emmy! Just wanted to pop in and say hi - would still love to be your art pal and will mail something eventually... :) Congratulations on such a successful arty event! Blessings to you and your family.