Friday, April 11, 2008

a doll named Dieunika

SHE'S AMAZING!! She is simply amazing!!!

who the heck am i talking about?
i wish i had pics to show you right now
but until i unload them you watch the video
and get the jist of her story
Dieunika (ja NEE ka) arrived last week
and since has totally consumed my heart

it doesn't capture her quirkiness
her infectious laugh
or her capturing personality!
seriously THIS DOLL has completely set ablaze my already bright world!

since the first day i met her,
i couldn't stop smiling or laughing
i fell in love with HER character,her smile
and her laughter...OMG i can't help but giggle thinking of it!
oh as mushy as it sounds
my heart just swells every time i think of her!

she's here so we can help her,
but truly
SHES bringing us all something so indescribable
and well pure joy!!

yesterday was her surgery
i could not focus most of the day
i KNEW she would be ok but just the thought
of her under a knife had me watching the clock!!

of all things she called me last night
and said hello to me!!
she only speaks creole so this was extra special
as i tried last week to teach her my name
also incredibly they said she was SMILING!!
after such a procedure that one thing i would NOT be doing
but it just tells you so much about this little one.

now i'm off to spend the night with her
i get the privilege of loving her through the pain
but i know her-- we'll be giggling too!!

later i hope i REMEMBER to share with you about the doll named love.
its so sweet.

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