Friday, October 24, 2008

my little girl!!!!

beautiful people

i have been quiet and scant i know. i just returned from haiti a few days ago. a very long and emotional story short dieunika is going to officially be our little girl!!! these beautiful people who reallllllly love her are doing an amazingly selfless thing by allowing their beloved daughter the freedom out of haiti.

my little girl!!!

as you know if you've been reading she has medical issues and her papa explained they did all they could to take care of her and she almost died. they did the absolute best they could and without them she wouldn't have gotten this far. she is much better now after the surgeries although she does still have a few medical issues. the father before he left put my hand in his and then his daughters and said "she is in your hands now". i choked back tears as we walked them out of the village. i told them i would never let her forget them and i won't. i can't imagine the sacrifice, my heart cries for them.

unfortunately we had to leave her in my friends orphanage until we can get her medical visa. my mind can not rest, nor my heart not ache. i know she is safe in my friends village. you can get a quick peek of it here.

she is having a hard time being in the village though. she won't really let anyone take care of her. although last i knew she did bond with one of the ladies in the village. i am going back in a week or so. it feels like forever. i miss her laughter!


all of this is a "suddenly". we weren't prepared for this SO we now have alot of fundraising to do!!!!


justjuls said...

Wow - this is beautiful and heartwrenching. How hard for those parents to choose the best thing for her. I can't imagine.
How blessed she will be to have you and your family. What possibilities await her.
Thanks for sharing -

sf said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my friend! You are amazing. I am in awe of you. How wonderful, and yet from such a sad beginning - and my heart goes out to her birth parents who did all they could and yet . . .
Love you ever so, you know it.

a conscious life said...

oh, emmy! she awesome and her parents are so blessed to have done this for their baby. i can't wait until you can bring her home!

foundthings said...

thanks ya'll-its such an emotional journey!! i'm not gonna be content till she's HOME! i can't wait to see her!