Wednesday, February 18, 2009

and the WINNER IS.........

thank you so much to those who donated! i'm super happy to announce that this fabulously creative jewelry maker and sweet lovin mama won!!


here's a BIG KISS from us to you for those who donated, and be watching your mailbox for a surprise too!!

i've been having a fabulous time in the studio lately and not able to fully complete things because my mind is overflowing with ideas see, and they just wants to run ahead all wild and crazy! its a good & kinda overwhelming too i tell ya!

also seeing that i really need to CLEAN the studio is distracting me. that is NOT normal, believe me i could create in an avalanche! ANYHOW to avoid really cleaning and because I LOVE to be a giver too...i'll be GIVING some art away next (and trying to finish the video i started)!!

OH and i just have to has been beauitful outside lately. A few weeks back it very cold for us Floridians, so cold in fact that alot of my plants and garden DIED. my eggplants, hot red peppers, tomato's and even some sweet potato's. it was a SAD day really. to MY delight there is still some GREEN in the gardens though! i can't wait to enjoy these babies!