Friday, July 24, 2009

sit still now!

this poor pitiful Gothiemon looks really p' o'd! yeah it really didn't like its picture taken so much so it put my card reader in my dirty pants pocket and then washed and ruined it. err ok maybe that was me, but he's still pissed off and i had to remember to go get a new card reader and darn that is just tooo hard when i really just want to stay home and sew!!

thats my story and i'm stickin to it!

anyhow if you're a buy nothing holiday kind a gal or guy then this mon fits your wallet & creative circuit! or better yet keep 'em for yourself. word to the wise, though he doesn't really do laundry!

so its a giveaway if you haven't already figured that out! leave a comment or ya can email me and i'll draw yer names on sunday evening.

also if you just like to win lots of cool stuff you should also check out for a mega giveaway!

OR if you're just addicted to _etsy_ and wanna buy stuff the trashion team is having lots of SALES going on! simply search trashion team and you'll come up with some cool eco friendly items at a bargain of a price. MY shop has 20% off the already low prices. i even listed a few new things!

1 comment:

GreenWorks said...

Awh he's a cutie! Must take a lot of patience to make these - nice work!