Thursday, October 15, 2009

W.O.W moment

We are responsible for the stories we tell and for those we choose not tell. Our silences speak volumes about whom and what we value. - Rabbi Sandy Eiseenberg Sasso

Most often I choose silence in respect of differences. Quite often this gives the wrong impression. It can say, I agree with you, your opinion has more value or truth, I'm absorbing what you said, I am weak, well you get the idea. In the area of my life that this currently applies to, its none of the above. Timing is important. It is not weakness, it actually takes a DIVINE strength to keep my mouth shut! The most incredible part is, when you are released from silence, it has this poetic revival of solace that dances amongst the rain. There is absolutely no force that can withhold the inextinguishable rejoicing!!

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