Friday, May 7, 2010

Power of words

Have you ever encountered a person who really challenges your thinking? One who stirs up something unknown in you. I'm talking about a word that instantly quickens you. It doesn't have to be good, it can be a negative stirring as well. I can give quite a few examples of people that have said something out of their anger or negativity that just pushed me. By that I don't mean defending myself or being pissed off. I mean walking away from it completely fired up and using it to rise to a new level in understanding, either about myself or that person. There is opportunity in everything we encounter.

I was reading an article earlier and these words


off the page.

"When God speaks it is an EVENT which sets history in motion." Reinhard Bonnke

Those words snapped me to attention. I don't take God's words lightly. Now I'm not refering to the written Word, I'm talking about something more personal and involved. I talking about a response specifically designed for me. Words are creative acts. God's word is a creative ACT! It MOVES. Its a VERB! That gets me EXCITED!!! What He has spoken to me is MOVING. Its coming!!

What has God spoken to you, that is about to MOVE?

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