Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Let the GREENS go in! 
I love green smoothies!
I have so much energy
and my body feels GOOD!

        its Spring and I've been loving the beautiful weather!
I love being outside!

My sweet son (in blue below)always brings me flowers
when he comes back from a walk
There are so many blooms!
The most beautiful are the trees.
This one I get to walk out my back porch and it instantly 
makes my day brighter!

                                                                     I tried a few times to 
 capture this most amazing tree on my neighbors
ranch...but not lucky  catching a good photo
so I'll share it with you...
when I get a good one

My oldest son finally graced my camera with his face and not his hand!

HE even posed AGAIN after I shaved their heads (at their request) 

My oldest likes no hair and my youngest well
the photo says it all~
he's all about dramatic effect
His hair design is pretty sweet--& it goes all the way behind the back of his head
and to the other side of his ear-
It was my first time doing so much lines
not too bad eh?

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