Wednesday, June 6, 2007

on the fence


this is actually the first i painted on the fence...but i just now finished "decorating" it
how i liked it enough to show a picture. LOL

scored this door weeks ago-so lovin it

i'm still working on buying flowers for the garden
so i'm maknig up for the lack with junk



i love to make & buy chimes
especially with my kiddos
ok yes its another addiction
i spend too much $ on beautiful stained glass
(course i love to recycle glass too)
and oh i spend too much time soldering

i think ya can probably see it clearer in this shot...

and OMG!!!! YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT THIS HOUSE!!! i'm SO inspired by it!!


mamak said...

Ok~you are so fun! I don't even remember how I found your blog but I'm lovin it!

I've shown my husband your painted fence. I've been wanting to paint ours too but an artist I'm not. You certainly can't say that!

mama kim in IN

sf said...

Emmy darling,
Seeing the pretty yard makes me miss you SOOOOO much. Not sure when we will be coming that way again with my mum gone, but dearly would love a get-together.

foundthings said...

hey mama kim glad you came by! just paint the mother artist or not...its all about what you like!!

takinanap said...

thought you might enjoy my friend's website of things hanging in his yard.