Wednesday, June 20, 2007

its been a tough week

something devastating happened to us last week so its been a week trying to focus on healing. i refuse to focus on the negative so here i am coming up stronger!! what was meant for evil will turn out for the GOOD. its a process yet i KNOW with Gods help i/we can & will beat this! so here are some GOOD things in my world!

my hubby had to work fathers day so monday we took a mini vacation to vero beach. he wanted an ugly stick (a fishing pole) so he got it and a fishin we went! it was so very refreshing at the beach!


my youngest son wanted to keep the shark. he's fascinated with sharks and made kerry throw it back,,,unfortunately the next one he caught was a H U G E one (man don't ya know it my cam was down the beach!) and it was not so lucky. my son kept trying to keep him alive with water...poor kiddo i hate watching that! he loves to eat fish but seeing and knowing that the animals have to die well yeah its heart breaking! i wonder if he'll eat it? we'll see! unfortunately my husband is an islander and fish/seafood is a way of life. um yeah yuck flesh and blood! no matter what i'm always gonna be a vegetarian. while originally i have just never cared for meat and its was not so much a cause, but is. anyhow its such a funny thing how different we are!!! its a good thang we're in love!

last week we went to daytona beach....i am trying to paint in public. which is really easier said than done (for me)! i was able to do it....but it was very challenging!! i think what started it off as hard,,,this guy (uh with knee high chili pepper socks- mind you we are at the beach!)totally hit on me from the moment i got there. now i'm all for creative and unique people but this guy made me feel slimy from the get go! he asked if i had a boyfriend uh NOTE the wedding ring pal. so i said my husband is at the beach. he was swimming with the kids-i was on the pier. you would think that would be a def bug off but NO the dude follows me to the benches and sits a bench over. he stayed there the WHOLE time watching and being slimy...EVEN when k comes back up! (my oldest son had told him) i mean if your not intimidated by my husband uh dude ya got a problem!! anyhow i got a bit of painting done despite all the distractions. its something i have to work on. next time i'm going for huge 8 ft recycled canvas. a challenge indeed.

this is on a priority box. all painted with my hands and recycled paint...oh wait i take that back except the black i added with pastel.


and when we were on our way home we stopped for gas and caught the shuttle launching!!



Pam Aries said...

I am loving your blog! Just realized you had one! I have viewed your art from afar..and I love it! It has been a while since I was at the other site ! So tonight I thought I would pop over to see what new art you might have! I was thrilled to see you have this blog! Love and Peace..I now have you in my favorites permanently! ha!

Wanda said...

I just found this blog and I am LOVING your style! I just have to ask - you said you painted this with your hands using recycled paint... What is recycled paint? And did you have gloves on your hands??? How exactly did you do it? I thought paint was toxic, at least some of it. And if you were w/o gloves didn't it get all into and under your skin and nails??? Probably dumb questions, but I really want to know.