Wednesday, July 11, 2007

in this house



some of my stuff for skylines and skyscrapers swap for the IN THIS HOUSE group. YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS FAB NEW BOOK! in this house is GREAT INSPIRATION!! the fabulous sarah is absolutely the bestest and most generous art pal ever! i have nothing but absolute love for you mish fish!! i MISS you!!

go on now follow the link for more FAB eye candy-you'll be wowed!!!

also check out her housemate

1 comment:

sf said...

Hey kiddo, Did you get your houses mailed tyo Angela???
They weren't there when i sorted out the houses! If you didn't you still should as she isn't going to mail out until she gets back from teaching at Art & Soul.
Anyway, do you want to do a one on one little sky"scrapper' house trade with ME?
Let me know as I already swapped out all of mine from the ones she had when i was out there!!