Friday, May 29, 2009

love the camera!

etsy's featured seller is an adorable felt maker!
i love love love
love love
did i say love
her camera &

especially her phone creations!
course i don't have an iphone
so i'd probably use it as wallet!

i'd LOVE to have this orange one!

i have a good collection of old camera & phone photos & books.
and a black & white collage (with a touch of orange)
that i did years ago featuring a vintage phone
and its prolly my favorite. its on my studio wall-hmmmm
ya might be able to see it in a photo i have on my site
of the studio walls. oops nope. i'll have to take a photo
of it sometime. i really need to take better photo's of
the studio anyways. its always messy, more like a fabric store

SPEAKING of LOVE, ya gotta LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabulous
redheaded gal, miss Fish. cuz she sent me a HUGE BOX of
creative LOVE.
thank you so much sweet thang it was such a
perfectly timed surprise!!
go read her blog, she's always got something
fun going on!! and a new book out too!

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