Monday, April 27, 2009

12 years and all i get is this stinkin tattoo!

my anniversary present

april 18th was my 12 year anniversary! this was my present. i wanted it to have a sun, the taulima (samoan design) and to come down on my foot. i had no idea what he was gonna do...once i seen it -i loved it--although at the end i knew it also had to have the eye! its my favorite part! you can see close ups on my flickr....just click the photo.

my dh got a sweeeeeeeet one too, although i haven't uploaded it yet.

and THEN as a bonus i got another one a few days ago cuz the ink was out and no one wanted to sit down! (someone changed their mind)
hey ya don't have to tell me twice!! i grabbed a drawing i'd thought about getting inked and nephi (kerry's nephew) rocked it!

new ink on my inner arm

its supa cool when you have a nephew who is a tattoo artist!