Saturday, April 10, 2010

be a prisoner of hope

be a prisoner of hope


sundownerin said...

when there is nothing in your life, there is still hope, i know it.
i like to have hope, and i like this picture.

have a nice day

Gomes said...

hello Emmy!
you probably don't remember me, i bought a copy of your Coloring book way back in last September, i'm the girl from Portugal.
i visited your Etsy shop but it's been empty ;(
i am starting a small distro for zines (& books, pin-buttons, stickers, and other paper goodies) and i remembered your book/zine. do you still make any of those cute books? i would really like to have some in my distro's catalog, but maybe we can talk better by email, if you're interested, ok?
all the best **

Anonymous said...
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