Friday, July 2, 2010

dreads be good, life be good!!

dreads be good
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can't quite splain it
my happiness....
yet its deep
and REAL
life is so beautifully
i thought i had a good life
enjoyed life to the fullest
yet this is mind blowing....
i can only thank you,
He _is_ Freedom.

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Lacey said...

Your just radiating in this pic, life must be good!!! I read and read your blog till I had to stop, cuz I'm getting too tired, now I must leave a comment. I read as far back as your husband finally getting ahold of his mother during the tsunami and to let you know I had tears and that choked up thing going on in my throat. I glad to come upon your blog. I'm starting to think that God spreads us gems out, I wish I had some gems here where I live now to encourage me & dazzle me & just radiate God's life & love & beauty & creativity & honesty. Dont get me wrong we are all gems, but some are more shinier & more for lack of a word kindred. I'm not being vain calling myself a gem, I'm just now seeing my worth and beauty and creativity more and more as I feel safe and healed enough for it to come out. Sorry for the long comment, I dont do short very well. So this is my way of saying, Yayyyyyyyyy I stumbled upon your blog!!!