Friday, July 16, 2010


somedays i get caught ALL up in myself
the beauty of art, of exploring, of loving and living LIFE to the fullest
there really is SO MUCH GOOD
i laugh, oh Lord I LOVE to laugh and be silly!!

yet there is an ache that i carry,
and i don't want to EVER forget that not everybody knows freedom
and beauty of that freedom can be despite their circumstances....
so you will find me connecting, working,donating,watching, listening, praying
to that often heavy reminding ache
to those that are forgotten,
to those who hurt d e e p with their smile on....
and those who are caught in SLAVERY
yes, its so true that it still exists!!
it wont go away until we get involved!
if you don't have finances to donate thats fine
BUT imagine your TIME and a PRAYER
here's a few places that i personally know

LORD, you hear their cry,
I hear their cry,
YOU come to heal the brokenhearted...
Lead us, Lead me,
to those who are broken
and END slavery one life at a time.
I've watched you CHANGE lives,
including mine,
enable me, enable others
to move into action
to walk the streets,
to commit to your cause,
to take the time to pray,
to make art to donate,
to use what they have to make a difference
to bring awareness,
AND the END of modern day slavery!!
We take no glory , but give it TO YOU.

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