Friday, June 14, 2013

the #adoption process; counting the cost

When I was in Haiti a five years ago in the orphanage where
we were adopting from

  (the little girl we were in process of adopting)

I met another adoptive mama   
there meeting her little girl for the first time!
(I got to witness the beauty of it!)
She is a beautiful spunky gal
that is now on her 3rd adoption
of a little boy Belief  (from Congo).
She also has 3 young boys at home.
(she is going for a 6 pack~ LOL)

I know all too well the cost (and heartbreak) of adoption
Here is where love dolls began~
When I first met Dieunka, she didn't have any toys
so I made her a doll

the back story of
which if you are a long time reader
or know me in real life
know ended in unfortunate heartbreak
by someone we called a friend
(due to fraud, long painful story)
the adoption process is not an easy journey! 

I don't want to ruin the happiness of  Melanies' current adoption
(So the TELLING of my story is for another day) 

Mels' family is working hard to fund raise
and I'd like to help them
(and its healing for me to make these dolls for the purpose of adoption)

so I've made this art doll
(she has been named Zoe)
that she is going to raise $ with~

The stages of her birth
(and her adoption story coming soon)

There is another to come as
I'm making her another doll as well.
Pictures coming soon~

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