Sunday, June 9, 2013

What is a #Hipster? or Pop Culture #Embroidery

I had to get a googlecation
(educated by google)
on what a hipster is?

I obviously needed to know
I mean I recently seen #hipster
tagged on a friends instagram...
which drew me to the ?
err What is a hipster?

my first hit landed me here

hmmm..then I clicked onto
the video below.
hey I kinda like the groove~
uhhuh getting a better understanding

Then I start reading the comments below the video.
hipsters got haters
then I accidentally hit something
and the video below 
interrupted the first video

Right when they were getting interviewed on the street
My fan in the RV kicked on and I couldn't hear
so I had to go plug in the external speakers 
then go back to hear what they said~
Can I conclude hipsters don't want to be hipsters?
*scratches head*
After watching the video, pausing at the drama of hipsters
I realized
I was actually in the middle
of searching pop culture embroidery
because I'm photographing
my original
embroidery designs  
and don't know what to label them as..
when I realized I know nothing 
about Pop Culture
  and/or what a hipster is, nor how to label myself.

HMMMM Does that make me a hipster?
Ehhh probably not because I'm 42.
(uh I think)
 Sheesh my mind is as tangled as my embroidery floss.

Stay tuned my original embroidery designs
 coming up next.

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