Saturday, April 25, 2009

i used to be plain.

i love wearing apron style tops, halters, dresses, flip flops oh my! its one of the perks of living in florida! i've been making my own clothes for years.

apron style tops

i remember in high school, sitting upstairs in my grandmothers sewing room/turned into my room, talking on the rotary dial phone telling a boyfriend i made my own clothes. he was like really, you do a good job! i wish i did -i totally took credit for some store bought stuff!! *snort*

i even took sewing in high school, course i couldn't follow a pattern for the life of me! i still remember the funky (not a good funky) teacher! dang i forget her name, but she had this permanent scowl on her face and not just from looking at what i made! course i really only made a few of them, most of them were altered and had this complete everything had to match insanity going on, even down to the socks! i remember thinking man i wish i could just wear whatever color i wanted and be Free! for some reason i thought i "couldn't" wear the loud colors i wanted. i wanted to blend in instead of stand out, especially in our small town! i really really tried hard to blend in and be plain...or at least my version of plain. thank GOD now i could CARE less and i'm finally FREE of that mentality that i can't be loud!! WHO CARES IF MY CLOTHES SCREAM! THEY MAKE ME HAPPY!

i've been having some fun making dieunika tops. so much so i've started to make some to sell. the girl loves to have her photo taken! i've put some up on my etsy if ya want to have a peek. i pray my gal is FREE to be and wear whatever she wants too, hopefully it will still be the clothes i make! or maybe she'll make her own!



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