Friday, May 10, 2013

What occupy's your mind determines what eventually fills your mouth,
 your outer world showcases all that has dominated,
 and at times subjugated your inner world.
                       -Dr. Cindy Trimm

WORDS ARE POWERFUL. What begins in your mind most often becomes you.
 Over the past year I have endure great hardship and loss. 
So many times my thoughts were filled with questions. 
Many went unanswered. 
There were moments I did not have the strength to get out of bed, yet I had to!!
I did not give up, despite times of weariness!
 I kept fighting back with my words, 
with Divine Words

The Creator spoke 
into the
 unformed void darkness 
the existence of LIGHT!

 Do you get that, it was unformed, a VOID darkness! It began with a void! {With darkness!}
 Do you have a void in your life right now?
 I know I have been facing this VOID for over a year now.
 I have been speaking to it!
 I questioned "hey VOID are YOU LISTENING?
YES I'm speaking to you DARKNESS-
 to all the lies I've been told, to all the lies told about me,
 to all the doubts, to all the doubters!
 The silence that I've been captured in is NO MORE! 
I have authority with the TRUTH.
 Not a version of the truth,
         but the fullness of TRUTH

Again this was written not quite 4 years ago, 

It is such an important journal of my mindset. 
When I began gathering all my journal pieces 
from this time period, I was amazed at the clarity I had.
As I reread these bits and pieces I can see Divine
on everything I wrote or drew. 

The very thought of this causes
my heart to pause
in gratitude of a 
who sees. 

You see this is really a love story.
This is {our} love story.

I was in the midst of a vicious attack from
someone I trusted most.
My mind was somewhat confused. 
The biggest question 
"What had I done to cause such vial efforts?"

Wait, go back how can this be
love story? 

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