Saturday, November 24, 2007

loTS of cuffs!!

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oooooo i love ORANGE and crochet

i just can't get enough of crochet.....really i think i'm gonna pass out from excitement!!! i could never find the vibrant colors & designs i love (well that i could afford-sooooo duh make my own). i've finally decided to (errr sorry i've been greedY) share some with ya'll. more details here

when i get back from the fiber store i'll post more photos of my personal obsession um i mean collection of journaled cuffs. here's a peek of one up on etsy.

and a sneak peek at my up and coming felt love.....


do you have any felt websites that you want to share? i'm going to put up some links so you can see mine. comment if you have some great inspiration links!

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