Friday, November 9, 2007

the beautiful people of haiti



for God

for purpose

there are

yes they are

this is my "papa", my pastor,my mentor
under whom i've sat as he's filled me with hope
and purpose
through listening to God's Spirit
and passing it on
changing the world
one person at a time.

the video stirs my passion
knowing each and every person there
walked miles and miles

and sat in the hot sun
all to worship!!
i mean the HUNGER
they are hungry!!
they are HUNGRY
to seek God.

btw he's on a missions trip to haiti
where we (our church) have schools
all the beautiful kiddos faces you see
and many churches under pastors covering
we're not a denomination
we're just people
passionate for jesus
oh if you touch him
you would be too......
i giggle watching him
cause he's not usually so animated
he really was "feelin" it!

my lifes continually changing
but this time in a major way
i recently changed positions
i am hungry for God
i am passionate about people
i am hungry
i am SO passionate
about hurting people
i truly can't express in words
my passion

my prayer has always been
to see people hungry
for God
hungry enough
to move
to stop being about themselves
to take what they have and give it away
for completely unselfish reasons
to love unconditionally

its time
to elevate
my prayers are answered
i'm going to the nations