Thursday, November 15, 2007

my trial and errrrrrrrrrrrr

i thought i could do it, this attempt errrr failed. dont know what happened to the trees. lol


started with some blank peel n stick tiles (my way of keeping it unique still)

hey i started with BLACK lines!!!


then this face i started with BROWN thinking hey i can do it!! yes i can


errrr then i thought ok just a little bit of a dark blue
then i got STUCK
then how bout some orange NO NO can't stop!!!
BUT i LOVE orange
OK just a lil bit
well then
lil purple
DANG i need to stop
so i did and now i'm stuck
OK so start another square!!!
started again with BROWN.
well if i mix just a bit of orange.........
we've got a problem now here comes yellow
and well forget it!!!!!


so here's what i ended up with thus the back you can see a piece of the totally rebellious colorful one
errrr but lets not talk about that yet

i'm gonna have to start all over.....................

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