Friday, November 30, 2007

new ornaments/necklace dolls

new scrap ornaments that can be hung or worn as a pendant.
i'll show a pic tomorrow.
this one is quite large click for a few more on flickr. ill have them
on etsy soon....or if your interested lmk.

isn't she cute!! someone told me last week that my art was a little "scarey"
i giggled so hard...ME? are you serious? they had looked at my etsy shop
and at the time i had only skull pins and a few pen & inks which yeah i guess
are dark in theme....but scarey??? now come over and see my doll heads in
the garden then ya might be scared. HAHAHA she said her interent filter wouldn't
let her view my site!! wow who knew i was so "witchy"!!

creepy doll

the comment kinda stuck with me for a bit as i really love and admire the person, but obviously shes
only seen part of me! i've done lots of ministry with her, actually am a part time chaplin
with her families ministry.....she said she thought wow how could this sweet soft spoken gal that
i know have "this" in her!!!! hahaha  good thing she didn't judge me by her impression of my art!
i very rarely care what anyone thinks of me or my art yet this comment made me *aware* of how
others may see me. i've come along way baby to enjoy this freedom i aint goin back now!!!


this is along side the creepy head...i so love teapots and little girls shoes!!

these new drawings i'm making into cards & gift tags.


i do love cute things too!
so would if i would ever chose to wear a label
maybe i would prefer creepy cute.

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