Thursday, July 3, 2008

CHECK me for people


i'm putting laundry in the dryer and start CRACKING up!!!
my 13 yr old son wrote this.
it is a well known hiding spot
-we've discussed it before with my 9 yr old & friends that
its NOT the greatest one and how kids have been hurt from this.
i could panic, i suppose
if you know my sons
really this is the least of my worries!!!!

so i mention it to oldest and he says
"well EVERY one hides in there and we always forget to check it-NOW no one will"

ahhhh i nod & smile raise a free thinking child.
totally different perspective.


JoAnn said...

That has to be the coolest dryer I have ever seen!!

foundthings said...

thanks! our washer is painted with chalkboard!!