Saturday, July 5, 2008

Art with a purpose




i made these a few months ago. i was hoping i would be "detached" from them now cause i should actually SELL them. i've been cranking out massive art the last few months which is why i've been so quiet here... although most of it is for the CAFE, there is quite a bit i've kept! so these i made them originally for the cafe.... of which i haven't mentioned here! i've been working for it... for oh my almost a year!! my good friend had the vision and then brought me in on it. i am so very passionate for their cause. its a non profit,ALL monies go for funding Air Mobile which is a disaster relief org that delivers amazing (and solar) water purifiers to those who desperately need it! Each mission, each Voyager (the purifier) requires the green, the team volunteers their time and even more so their own money!! Their PASSION will infect you. we are never short of disasters or passion, but quite often the green limits us, so we've been busy about finding a way to support our cause (hence the cafe).

Currently they will be heading out in the next week or so for their second trip to Myanmar where the disastrous Cyclone Nargis will likely claim more deaths than the 2004 Tsunami. In which Air Mobile was also there, leaving their mind and spirit scarred by death and devastation. You will find it has only fueled their already abundant passion for helping the helpless.

Above is one of the team members Joe Prussel working with local monks. Below is a heartwrenching photo of the reality of what we take for granted.

So you see that ART does make a difference. Our cafe also has an art & gift gallery, as well as offer a variety of classes. I'm the community advocate and creative director. We are using ART to build our community too for it is full of disaster and devastation as well. From the community to the nations Elevations International Cafe is about serving a thirsty world (and not just about coffee). So yes these dolls will have to move on-they have purpose besides making me feel good. Sometimes, my selfishness gets a big kick in the pants. ITS SO NOT ABOUT ME. We are busy about changing our world, through art and relationships, and one good cup of java.


i_b_erin said...

What a moving story!! And, for art to have purpuse-I make stuff for friends for gifts etc, and of course a dress or skirt here and there for myself. What an inspiration! thanks for words that make me think outside my little comfort zone :)
I love the dolls also-they are wonderful!

foundthings said...

thanks erin!