Thursday, July 3, 2008

the funkilicious garden


the modern day scarecrow. everyone should have one.
they even scare away noisy neighbors!!


my mom was here from april-june 1st. i was working in the backyard-she wouldn't come out much cause it was too hot but
she actually was inspired to make chimes inside LOL. i added the freakiness. it sounds awesome!!

moms chime

i'm still working on finishing painting the fence as well as planting no dig gardens in all our dead grass spaces. eventually i'd like it to take over the yards! so until we hit the road we can be self sustaining and enjoy delish veggies!



my BULB garden

i have some more plants to put in this corner well i will in just a few minutes.

garden junk

i have so many works in progress as you can see from the picture below..the fence is half done...i've also started a recycled bottle/cup walkway.....not to mention the various garden spaces that need actually plants!!! i've had to remove some stuff that ruined from the elements and some that i go WHAT was i thinking much to do....i've been working on it already for many months! i'm just doing a little at a time. its been rainy for the last week and i'm ready to get back to work out there!


i really love this totem section---although i'm not completely happy with that end of the yard yet....i'm getting there. actually if you click you'll see how its changed over the year...the tree btw has lost its tutu.....and i never finished the whole fence!!! ok nufff i should just go there now!!

bits of garden

above a new yellow hibiscus

this makes me happy

and this was my mothers day present that makes me smile every time i see it.

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