Monday, July 21, 2008

sneak peeks crochet WIP

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River Organization said...

Foundthings: Your art is incredible. The color is fantastic. Please stop by and visit our websites when you get a chance. We are a start-up organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada seeking to end homelessness, reduce hunger, help the needy and give to the poor. We are searching for people with common interests to discuss these social issues on our Family of Websites. Please join us when you can.
Thanks, Cliff

justjuls said...

To answer your questions: I'm throwin' out old papers and phone books, etc. I do have a freecycle loop that I belong to - but I have to stay off of it because I would want everything - and since I only have a house and don't own the whole world, I will have to be selective.
I am going to freecycle a computer desk and small shelf by putting them on my porch with a nice large "FREE" sign. If they don't go away that way - I'll take them to Goodwill.