Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Enjoying family

My beautiful grandmother!

The road this time has brought me home, to where I grew up. I have been enjoying my grandparents, and family. My boys do not want to leave! lol They have spent so much of their life away from family, that they really do appreciate being here. It reminds me, of what I often take for granted. Life is so fragile, and there is no promise of tomorrow. Your family may not be around you, but if possible take the time to connect with them. They may or may not show it, or say it, but it does touch their heart. Even the coldest of ones.
I am so thankful for the time, I get to spend with the beautiful people who invest in my life. There is so much you learn about yourself with your family (good and even bad) and even appreciate more when you are older. For that wisdom, I am thankful!

I am one happy & blessed woman!

photo by carla naron
photo by Carla Naron

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BubbaandHeather said...

Sweet times to remember. I love my family, even if they don't love me. Not a sad thing, just a true one. Signed, Heather :)