Thursday, May 24, 2007

every tree needs a tutu

i used to never go in our backyard. it was really sad and ever so uninspiring.
so started painting the fence!!
and now every day i hope i will get to work more on it
seems like there is just not enough hours of daylight
so i'm ever so slowly
working on getting it FUNK-i-FiEd


every tree needs a tutu!
it makes me laugh everytime i walk in the backyard.
although i'm still not to happy with her.
actually she is not feelin so sexy.

she recently got hacked
a very bad haircut indeed
so she asked me to cover what
i could with old paint rollers
sorta an offtake of a bottle tree
oooo which i'm on a hunt for!

i want to make her look like a person
and use some of the funky shoes i have
to plant flowers in to place at the bottom
as well as give her some sorta hair
or uh sumpin
shes a story tree ya know
she has sumpin to say


this record tree was buried in my studio!
it screamed i wanna GO outside!!


finally getting some mobiles up & out too!
although i had to take a break from fence painting
due to rain


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