Sunday, May 27, 2007

even the kitchen sink

god is funny and quirky
and oh so silly
you know those private jokes
you have with friends
well this is one between god and i


i could go into long detail but instead i smile a big googin smile and say
yes he gives me everything-even the kitchen sink!
just found it on the side of the road on my way home from church
i'm about to go work on my garden so we shall we how it evolves out there!

i also scored these cool cowboy shirts.
not sure how they will end up
here are a few of my fav's


we all need uncle ikes hair grease
its embroidered!


love this design!
although i hate collars
so i want to make it into another shirt
gotta get creative
but its absolutely gorgeous outside so i'm going to finish
painting the fence
and decorating the backyard!


AND THESE TWO are to giveaway for your altering pleasure!
just drop a comment and or email me your address.
one per person
foundthings AT cfl DOT rr DOT com
absolutely FREE FREE FREE



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